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Eritrean Public Diplomacy team arrive in Addis Ababa, concert in 4 cities

Eritrean Public Diplomacy team in Addis Ababa. Concerts planned in four cities for Eritrean musicians ; the last one which is on February 21 will be in Addis Ababa.

Eritrea _ Ethiopia _ public diplomacy
Photo credit : EBC

February 14,2019

As Ethiopia and Eritrea are deepening relations, Eritrean public and cultural diplomacy team has arrived in Addis Ababa earlier today, disclosed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

The team which is composed of 55 Eritreans from different cultural, professional and other backgrounds is pursuing motives of strengthening historical as well as people-to-people relations between the two countries.

In its sojourn in Ethiopia, the team will take part in a range of events and concerts in different parts of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Bahir Dar are among cities where the public diplomacy team will attend events and musical concerts.

During arrival at Bole International Airport, the team was welcomed by Ambassador Redwan Hussien (Ethiopian Ambassador to Eritrea), Ambassador Araya Desta (Eritrea’s Ambassador to the African Union), Nebiyu Bayu (Head of the Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau), Nebiat Getachew (Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and a number of Ethiopian Public Diplomacy team.

Cultural and Musical concerts are planned to celebrate and strengthen peace between the two countries.

According to Eritrean Press report, among Eritrean singers to perform in Bahir Dar, Adama (Nazareth) and Hawassa are Bereket Mengisteab, Wedi Tukul, Engineer Asgedom, Fihira, Elsa Kidane, Bisrat Aregawi and Mohamed Osman.

The concert in Bahir Dar is on February 16, Adama February 17, Hawassa February 19 and Addis Ababa February 21.

Ethiopia and Eritrea officially ended twenty years of hostile relation in July of 2018 ensuing in the reopening of their embassies. The two countries have formed joint commission with the aim to regulate cooperation between the two countries in a range of areas.

Eritrean Musicians _ Public Diplomacy
Eritrean Musicians
Photo : Eritrea Press

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  1. News Item: “Eritrean Public Diplomacy team arrive in Addis Ababa, concert in 4 cities” borkena
    February 14,2019

    Naughty Commentary, 14 Feb 2019
    The News item is refreshing. Neighborly comradeship and PEACE are always desirable. But – very sad to say – the Horn of Africa is not known for peaceful atmosphere!!! One wonders why! Perhaps the secrete (as an answer) is in the name >>> “HORN” – a dangerous weapon of certain wild animals, readily available for their eternal struggle, for any excuse that comes to their unique minds – seemingly regardless of the consequences!!! I BETTER STOP.

  2. “Lealem bekele” !!! What a meaningful name!!! And daring too to carry the burden of the responsibility of guiding the World. Indeed, there is a saying in the Tigrigna language[just two words] that a ‘Name Leads’
    By the way, reading the name, my mind was immediately tuned to the possibility that the name “bekele” may perhaps be the off-spring of “serbesa” >>> a wonderful and insightful gentleman that I was lucky to know. Oh Well, C’est la vie!


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