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Ras Mekonen statue in Harar Hospital reportedly destroyed by radicals

Hararge _ Ras Mekonen

February 12,2019

As Ethiopians are celebrating new statue of Emperor Haileselassie I erected in the premises of African Union headquarter, the statue of Ras Mekonen (Haileselassie’s father) in the premises of Harar hospital is destroyed.

Ras Mekonen  statue _ Harar Based on verified social media news (pictures of it is widely circulated), the incident happened today in one of Ethiopia’s multicultural city of Harar, in the south eat of the country.

Ras Mekonen’s statue was hit by a car and brought down.

Observers seem to believe that it was deliberately hit by political groups with radical anti-Ethiopia sentiment.

Dr. Mesele Terecha is a historian. He wrote in a facebook update today (in Amaharic), “What I can tell you with certitude is that Prince Ras Mekonnen’s statue in the former Misrak Arbegnoch hospital, now Jugel hospital, is that it was not hit accidentally. Because when I was working there, I have observed the level of wickedness with which it was seen.”

For most Ethiopians in social media, the act of destroying Prince Ras Mekonen’s statue has something to do with radical-ethno nationalist groups.

Groups with similar tendency have posting on social media picture mocking the new statue of emperor Haileselassie.

In the past, radicalized ethno-nationalists have been demonstrating sentiment of hate towards emperor Menelik’s statue in the center of Addis Ababa. At times, there were even calls to destroy it.

Harar city administration has not remarked about Prince Ras Mekonen’s statue and it is not clear if the city administration is electing it in the back in the same place or not.

Picture source : Social Media

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  1. These kind of acts are the fruits of ethnic politics. If ethnic politics is allowed to continue, it will tear apart the country, families and finally will be the cause of deaths for millions of people. If there were a little bit of wisdom within us we would have tried to solve problems at hand by discussion and negotiations. Oh poor Ethiopia, you are bound to cry due to ill-informed sons of yours. May the creator be with you!!

  2. Good to him better out of sight and his nepheriouse son aka Haile Selassie teh midget and the brut we should illimitate their ill legacy and their every aspect of them and no statute and people need to know how wicked and vile people they were they are blood thirty clan who believe in witchcraft and killing babies, is this how Ethiopia is going to be known?

    by all means necessary I wholeheartedly accept the destruction of Haile Selassie statue from the AU, amazing though is how can black people respect the man who sold and degraded people, if I was one of his clans or sons I would disown him i don’t want to have a brutal father a killer brother, period!!!
    If Ethiopia is to continue they should dismantle all the past of injustices done to the people by the BRUTAL “ROYAL” FAMILY!

    no statue of Hailesellasie
    no statute of his clan either!!!

    • Dear Wedinakfa, The whole situation is out of hand…. Ras Makonnen was NOT the ligitimate father of Tafari aka Haile Selassie! The truth has to be known…. His birth mother was Taitu and father Aba Jifar2nd…!

  3. Hatred breeds hatred. An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. Lets please come to our senses and discuss issues. Destructions breed destructions; where will be the end? Lets please stop seeing things through the eyes of our identity, and start reasoning as civilized human beings and come to common understanding and build this poor nation at least for the sake of our children. Don’t we feel guilty when we leave our children a divided, war-torn country? For the sake of our children lets please quite ethnic politics and reason as human beings!!

  4. The statue is a reminder to the ethio Gala now so Called Oromo,, that Ethiopian amara is the true and only pure king of Ethiopia

  5. Wedinakfa, what happened yesterday belongs to history the french and the British lost so many lives fighting the Germen nazist Europe has lost around 50 million life in total to worldwar ll but today they don’t go around criticizing or condemning the Germans for yesterday’s errors.
    Wedinakfa, your kind of people has only one purpose in mind to see bloodshed and disintegrated Ethiopia or disturb the the newly found peace between Ethiopia and Eriteria, what Ethiopia need from Eriterians is peace and good relationship between its people nothing more.. Eriteria is a sovereign country and it will remain as such as far as we Ethiopians are concerned, unless the majority of Eriterians wishes something else if they do, you have only one choice to respect the weel of the people and live with it. Until then we Ethiopians wishes for the well being of Eriterians and a prosperous Eritrea.
    God bless Eriteria & Ethiopia and
    Have a good day.

  6. Dear Teshome, The 2nd world war continues, yet it is not visible…. The attrocities that the Europeans got up to in Aethiopia is perplexing…. There are too many mistakes in Aethiopian history that need to be rectified. One being tha ligitimacy of Tafari aka Haile who was NOT Ras Makonnen’s son , but the son of Taitu and Abba Jifar 2nd! Secondly, the aftermath left by Menelik+ estranged wife Taitu and Tafari due to their hatred towards The Oromo, Tigraean and Eritrean non Christian + Muslims…


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