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Top TPLF executive member tendered resignation over Raya, Democracy

In what seems to be an indication of division over identity questions,among other things, Zagid Abraha is resigning from his position within TPLF party position.

Zadig _ TPLF_ resignation
Zadig Abraha
Photo credit : EBC

February 5,2018

Zadig Abraha, one of the top executive of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPF), tendered resignation letter to the organization.

He told Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) that he is resigning over the identity question of Raya and democracy.

With regards to the question of democracy, Zadig says TPLF is not leading the democratic change property and even it opposes it at time.

The other reason for his resignation is that TPLF is resorting to forceful measure to against the identity question of the people of Raya to be with “its brotherly people of Amhara,” reported EBC.

It remains unclear if the party has responded Zadig’s question. TPLF has been following a heavy handed policy against the people of Raya since the identity question that had been simmering underneath for decades came to the surface.

As a result, at least dozens have been killed since the movement started, hundreds are believed to be in jail and many young people from the region fled to avoid arrest and forceful measures.

The region is also facing identity question over Wolkait, a part of Gonder which was included to Tigray region after 1991.

Some activists from Tigray region seem to be increasingly adding voice to the Raya question which is not the case with Wolkait question.

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