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Ethiopia named members of National Reconciliation Commission

Parliament approved appointment of 41 people to Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It draws members from politicians in the opposition quarter as well.

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Ethiopian Parliament

February 5,2019

Months after the Ethiopian parliament approved National Reconciliation Legislation, the 24th regular session of Ethiopian House of Peoples Representatives has named today members of the Commission.

41 individuals appointed to the commission are drawn from different faith groups, former politicians, thought leaders, intellectuals, artists and actors, Authors, legal experts, philanthropists, politicians and elders, among others.

According to information released from the office of the prime minister,the names of members the commission is as follows:

1) Archbishop Abune Abraham (Orthodox)
2) Cardinal Berhane Eyesus (Catholic)
3) Mufti Haji Umer Idris (Islam)
4) Dr. Bete Mengistu (Evangelical)
5) Pastor Tesfaye Gabiso (Evangelical)
6) Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel (Islam Youth)
7) Tamiru Lega (Orthodox Youth)
8) Hailemariam Desalegne (former Prime Minister)
9) Dr. Mihret Debebe (thought leader)
10) Megabi Haddis Eshetu Alemayehu (thought leader)
11) laureate Dr. Tibebe Yemane Birhan (intellectual)
12) Prof. Beyene Petros (Intellectual, also one of opposition leaders in the country)
13) Dr. Abera Deresa (intellectual)
14) Dr. Ubah Adem (intellectual)
15) Professor Desta Hamto (intellectual)
16) Professor Assefa Hailemariam (Intellectual)
17) Dr. Dereje Gerefa (intellectual)
18) Debebe Eshetu (Artist)
19) Dr. Mussie Yacob (Author)
20) Mrs. Blen Sahlu(legal expert)
21) Tamirat Kidane Mariam (legal expert)
22) Prince Ras Mengesha Seyoum (elders)
23) Dr. Bogalech Gebre (Philanthropist)
24) Abate Kisho (Sidama elders)
25) Kao Demssie (elders)
26) Dr. Berhanu Nega (Politician)
27) Ayalneh Mulatu (Author)
28) Derartu Tulu (Ethiopian Athletics Federation)
29) Dr. Giday Zeratsion (politician)
30) Professor Ahmed Zekharia (intellectual)
31) Colonel Goshu Wolde (prominent figure)
32) Sultan Hanfere Alimirah (elders)
33) Gebregziabhier Gebremariam (Athlete)
34) Prince Be’edemariam Mekonen (prominent figure)
35) Mrs Tirhas Mezgebe (Philanthropist)
36) Mrs Yetnebersh Nigussie (prominent figure)
37) Darota Dejamo (prominent figure)
38) Aba Geda Gobena Holla (elders)
39) Dr. Hailemariam Kahsay (intellectual)
40) Dr. Zeresenay Alemseged (intellectual)
41) Dr. Solomon Ayele Derso (intellectual)

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