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Ethiopia charged former Somali region president Abdi Illey, 47 others

Abdi  Illey
Abdi Illey ,former president of Ethiopia-Somali region

January 30,2019

Ledeta 4th criminal bench of Federal high court charged today former president of Ethio-Somali region, Abdi Illey and 46 others.

According to a report by EBC, 41 are charged in absentia while six of them including Abdi Illey are in custody.

One of the charges says that Abdi Illey along with his associates incited one group of people in the region he administered to take up arms against the other between June and July of 2018.

He, along with his associates, is also charged with creating a youth structure known as Heego, arming them and providing them with other materials with the intention to humiliate critics of his administration.

He also used the group as a tool to manufacture and carry out violence between Somali speaking community and other Ethiopians who are referred in the region as “habesha,” , seemingly new description used in the region under his administration

The youth group reportedly had 400 members with 9 executives, a central committee and lieutenants.

The report by EBC added that the youth group Heego had a facebook page called “heego Wahagen” which it used for intimidating critics of the Abdi illey and conveying hate messages against those who are not ethnic Somali.

The group also planned to rob banks and insurances and burn churches.

Between August 4 and 6, 2018, the group launched an attack on non-Somali communities in the region.

According to EBC report, 59 people were killed including priests in the church who were burned to ashes after being killed. At the time the violence happened in Jijiga and other towns in the region.

Over 266 civilians, mostly from non-somali speaking communities were wounded and 56 women were raped.

Property estimated over 400 million Ethiopian birr was destroyed.

Abdi Illey was also allegedly mobilizing ethic Somalis for secession.

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