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Ethiopia orders retaliatory military offensive against al-Shabab ambush

Ethiopian Troops _ Somalia _ Photo AFP
Photo credit : AFP

January 19,2019

Ethiopia ordered on Saturday retaliatory military ambush against Militant Al-Shabab in Somalia, The Ethiopian Reporter reported today citing statement sent to it from the Ministry of Defense.

The decision came a day after Ethiopian peacekeeping convoy was ambushed in neighboring Somalia by the militant Islamic group.

The Ethiopian Defense Force has confirmed the ambush on Saturday but did not disclose the number of causalities.

Sources in social media say Al-Shabab has claimed that it killed fifty Ethiopian soldiers and taken tens of soldiers as prisoners. However, it is not confirmed by other sources.

A report by The Associated Press, which cited statement by Africa Union Force, says four Al-Shabab extremists were killed and several others were wounded. On the side of AU forces, four soldiers are reported to be wounded.

According to information from the Defense Ministry, the convoy carrying Ethiopian troops was travelling from Buurhakaba to Baidoa when the militant group suddenly ambushed the convoy.

The ministry added “our troops managed to defend itself and the convoy has entered Baidoa.” Authorized retaliatory military offensive against Al- Shabab is a large scale one, indicates the statement by the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Ethiopian peace keeping troops have made a significant contribution for the weakening Al- Shabab in Somalia.

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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia orders retaliatory military offensive against al-Shabab ambush” borkena, January 19,2019

    Commentary, 20 Jan 2019
    “ Ethiopia orders retaliatory military offensive ..” The obvious question is: >>> for how long? This is a sad situation for the new prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, whose noble plan is to align Ethiopia on the path to socio-economic DEVELOPMENT. On the opposite scale, however, Al Shabab will NEVER let him accomplish his economic dream but to keep Ethiopia bogged down in a continuous sporadic war; hence preventing Ethiopia from economic development and thus leading it to its disastrous consequences. It is a wanton savage war designed for total destruction, hatched by demented individual creatures who can mysteriously instigate and arouse an ugly part of innocent human beings to liquidate each other. A mysterious wonder (bizarre) of Life?!?! THE END


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