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Ethiopia’s popular singer makes a case for the return of Colonel Mengistu

January 10,2019

Wubeshaw Seleshi was one of Ethiopia’s popular singer. She was mostly known for her revolutionary songs during the military government which came after the collapse of the imperial government of Haileselassie.

JTV Ethiopia host,Josey,visited her in her residence as part of his holiday visit program. During her conversation, she highlighted the contribution of reform leaders in Ethiopia like Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed. It is a time of forgiveness, she said. And former Ethiopian President Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam should be one of the beneficiaries of forgiveness and allowed to return to his country. Watch her interview.

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  1. She is out of her mind. Other opposition did not have so much blood in their hands. Mengistu had robbed the dream of one whole generation, affected his own people’s lives as refugees. It was untold story of misery during his reign.

  2. Malas and his marzagna party ka eza yablatta adergawu ezawu agar bet yenoraleu. Marzano wayane bamatawu yazer politics ka mechewum yablatta sawu alekual, tafanakelual, agarituanem ahun lalachebat charger daregawu ahunem Makale tadabekawu ragem egachewub zergetaeu eyatagarafen agar bet yenoraleu yalem ways. Bandawoch yamenorubat agar menegestun makelakale mabetu yalatem.

  3. He is killer, murderer. A man of no mercy, even to his generals. Every leader in Africa has a pretext/excuse for his action, he said ‘’I am struggling for unity- one Ethiopia’’ but in reality left a corrupted and poorest country. His next place is HELL.

  4. He is a criminal resonsible for killing half a million of his own people and the beloved Emperor Haile Sellasie the greatest African leader who ever lived. He shoudl be sent back from zimbarbwe to face his sentance. May the Imperial Family be restored bringing unity and peace to this great nation.What a foolish woman, she has made herself a laughing stock around the world with this statement. The Emperor was a good Christian, inteligent and brave standing up to Italy and popular around the world.

  5. No wonder she is just a singer. Absolutely clueless about the thousands of civilians Mengistu murdered. She is so dumb that she doesn’t even know her own history. So pathetic!


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