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Defense force reportedly killed 9 and wounded 15 others in western Gonder

Regional authorities seem to believe that incident that led to killings in Gende Wuha and Kokit in Gonder could have been resolved through dialogue

Genda Wuha _ Gonder
Photo : AMMA

January 9,2018

At least 9 people are killed and 15 others wounded when members of Ethiopian Defense force opened fire on residents of Genda Wuha and Kokit in West Gonder zone yesterday, eye witnesses told Deutsche Welle (DW) Amharic service.

Children and Daily laborers who work in farms are among the victims, according to eye witnesses. And the victims have been taken to Genda Wuha referral hospital, added the source.

A public servant in the city who happened to be an eye witness spoke to DW Amharic on condition of anonymity. He said the Defense force opened fire on residents so as to secure the release of vehicles belonging to Sur Construction Company.

Community members in believe that Sur Construction is the reason for the insecurity problem in the region.

Residents were trying to stop vehicles that belong to the company as they were leaving the region before the company completes its road construction project. Community members were demanding that vehicles need to be searched first before they leave the region.

Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), the region’s state controlled media outlet, confirmed the incident today when it reported “Human lives lost due to security problem created in Western Gondar zone.” But it did not specify the number of victims from the incident. Federal government media outlets like EBC did not report about it.

According to AMMA report, the incident happened as members of the defense force tried to move the vehicles before the conclusion of consultation between the community and those who were assigned, representing government, to organize the consultation. In the ensuing situation, says AMMA, members of the defense force and members of the community exchanged fire, and “lives are lost.”

Director of Amhara Regional State Government Communication Affairs, Asemahegne Asres, is cited as saying that the issue could have been resolved through dialogue and that government will investigate and bring before law those who are responsible for the incident that took away lives.

The regional media also claims that there were victims on the side of the defense force as well but did not quantify it.

Residents and activists in the region tend to see the company as a channel through which Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLG) coordinates illegal activity.

Residents took to the street in the town to protest the killings and demand the removal of the Defense force from the region.

While activists are condemning the killings, especially in view of the incident in Tigray that involved members of the defense force, they express concern that the demand for the withdrawal of defense force from the region.

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  1. is still woyane killing people ? i thought they are behind bars . we must hund them down and imprison all woyane we must apply the project of mengistu, aabyotawi meriyachin: let us poison and dry the sea inorder to kill the fish !!!!woyane will not sleep for us they will kill our farmers by any means. they are angry now

  2. It is getting clearer by the day that the Woyane regime under Abiy Ahmed, continues to do what it has done for 27 years- the massacre of unarmed Amaras with impunity.

    As the head of state, Abiy will be held accountable sooner than later for such cowardly and gruesome murder of Amaras that have have been committed under his watch.

    He will answer for the following flagrant transgressions:

    1. While recently touring the USA, Abiy had flagrantly denied the Woyane-perpetrated Amara genocide although this is public knowledge the world over.

    2. Abiy’s government has entreated civilian Tigres both in Zalambesa and Shire last week, when they unlawfully blocked and disrupted the missions of the so-called federal troops for several days. Despite such an outright provocation, not a single bullet was fired at the public. And that was a correct measure.

    3. Abiy must first answer why in violation of all rules and regulations, a private Woyane Tigre construction company had to be escorted by federal troops.

    4. If unarmed Amara youth are massacred for blocking private Woyane vehicles that are suspected of trafficking illegal weapons in the region, it is a declaration of war on Amaras.

    Finally, only a prompt judicial process and dispensation of justice would absolve Abiy and his government of the heinous crime. In any case, Amaras, must brace ourselves for the task at hand. They have war on their hands!


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