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No such organization known as the Oromo Liberation Front(OLF) – by Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

January 8,2019

There is no such organization known as the Oromo Liberation Front(OLF) in existence now. The OLF as an organization was dismantled and dismembered long time ago among key individuals who were at the helm of the leadership of that organization.

Instead, what we have now are five independent groups established by ex-members of the OLF. Now, these groups are causing confusion among the Oromo people by using the name and flag of the OLF as political trade mark and brand name to earn some legitimacy and raise money from among the Oromo public who don’t know the fact that the OLF is dismantled long time ago.

These five independent organizations established by ex-members of the OLF are: 1) Lencho Lata’s Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), 2) Gallassa Dilbo’s Qaacaa, 3) General Kemmal Gelchu’s AWO, 4) General Hailu Gonfa’s United Oromo Liberation Front, and 5) Dawud Ibsa’s Shanee.

All of these groups, except one, are still using the OLF flag and logo in their outreach to the Oromo people and to raise money. Yet, none of these groups are structurally and substantively the continuation of the famed Oromo Liberation Front. None of these groups have any legal rights to use the logo and the flag of the OLF. Thus, these groups which misuse and abuse of the OLF flag and logo to raise money and make political statements to politically confuse the Oromo people must be regulated by law and stopped. Similarly, the government must ban the misuse and abuse of the pictures and the good names of Oromo heroes for private fund raising purposes or even cover up their criminal activities.

To conclude, this lack of understanding among the Oromo general public about the non-existence of the OLF is causing serious confusions. It is exposing the general public to various fraudulent and criminal groups including a nascent, yet very deadly terror network known as Abba Torbee, one of the four wings of Dawud Ibsa’s Shanee.

Therefore, the Oromo people must known the non-existence of the OLF as an organization, and distance themselves from these countless and daily mushrooming fraudulent and criminal groups operating as a franchisee of this long defunct organization.

The Ethiopian government and the medias must also alert and educate the Oromo general public to protect themselves and their family from exposing to these fraudulent and criminal groups and individuals who unlawfully uses and operates under the flag of the OLF, and uses, at times, the pictures of Oromo heroes to cover up their crimes.
Editor’s note : This writing appeared first on the facebook of Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

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  1. The Honorable Birehanmeskel..

    Thank you for your succinct information on OLF. I particularly like your recommendation of the media to further weaken these offshoots and deprive them their existence. In the end, it all depends on the acceptance or rejection the people they claim to represent.

    Therefore, the media and the government must play a vital role in educating and disseminating the correct information about these groups…so that the PM will do the governing without distractions.

  2. Nonsense. OLF exists. And the legitmate OLF is the one for which thousands of oromo people marched to Meskel Adebabay to welcome home – the one led by Dawud Ibsa as the legitmate leader of the OLF.

  3. OLF leaders may disagree on trivial or critical ideological grounds. For the over 40 million Oromos however, nothing is more sacred and close at heart than OLF. For the author, reportedly a member of initially TPLF engineered entity to fake Oromo representation and use it to distroy Oromia and Oromuma, it is treasonous to suggest OLF doesn’t exist. In fact you are where you are and presumably aspire to lead Oromia because OLF is and will continue to be a formidable force in political theatre of the region.

  4. Hello, Ethiopians,
    Listen, no matter what you call yourself : Oromo, Amhara, Tigree, Gurage, Gambela, Somali etc. still you are black kushitics Abyssinians. if you like or not OK. that is reality, that you can’t escape. You can see only the conflict and hate between you against each other. But, unfortuntely, you forgot that you have foreign enemy. Who wants to kill you all of you. Because they want to make your country just like Somali , divide it to small fractions and instigate to you to fight each other.
    They know that is only way to get your water, because your water and fertile soil it transport is their source of their bread. So, you should ask yourself this question simple question: is nation, who is not free to use their own resources, I mean water is free? Is nation , who is dictated by foreign country , how they manage their water is free?


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