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Ethiopia arrested 171 suspects linked to Oromia-Benishangul violence

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January 8,2018

Ethiopia arrested 171 suspects in connection with violence and security problems in Benishangul Gumuz regional state and adjacent areas of Oromia regional state (Wollega), according to a report by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) today.

The suspects were captured in Kamash and Tongo Zones of Benishangual Gumuz region as well as Western and Eastern Oromia zones like Qelem, Horo Guduru, Buno Bedele and Ilubabor, the report added. Zone level government officials are among detained suspects.

These areas were experiencing security challenges for several months and now government says violence is completely stopped and normalcy is restored.

Government also claims that it has seized 49 AK 47 and over 1,031 ammunition in addition to 1.9 million Ethiopian Birr and $US 12,000 cash, according the the report by ENA. Apparently, the group, as the government calls it, intended to use anti-tank grenade as seven of them are seized.

Furthermore, Colonel Getnet Endale, Public Relation Director of Defense Force of West Command and also member of Command Post (CP) which is instituted to restore peace in the region, says 9 ambulances, 4 ISUZU truck and 3 Toyota pick up vehicles which the armed group allegedly took by force from government offices and individuals are recovered.

Getnet is also cited by ENA as saying that Command Post is working along with members of the community in the regions. Extensive consultation with community is underway regarding security and other issues in the areas mentioned above, according to Colonel Getnet.

In a related development, Addis Standard, local Ethiopian news portal, reported today, on its social media page, that Chaltu Takele, who was released from prison along with other political prisoners in February 2018, is arrested in Shambu, Wollega. The report added that five other individuals were arrested.

The source did not, however, reveal why she was arrested except mentioning that she was arrested for

Chaltu Takela
Source : Social Media
eight years in the past and is arrested today from her parent’s house.

From her interviews in the past, she was arrested on alleged grounds of being member of the militant ethno-nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

Picture on the right is an unverified photo of Chaltu Takela seemingly posing with her AK 47.
Ethiopia Government has been warning Dawud Ibsa faction of Oromo Liberatio Front (OLF) to disarm its rebel forces.

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  1. About time. These troublemakers have no clue about what they want. They should have celebrated the freedom that Dr. Abiy gave to Ethiopians and live in peace and thrive by doing the right thing to advance their lives and the rest of the country. He defanged the Woyanes who were butchering and exploiting every ethnic group, especially Oromos.

    Engaging in violence only begets violence against them and the rest of society. It is a useless and senseless game they were playing.

    Glad the federal government took action to reign on their stupidity and violence they were creating to destabilize the region and to create unnecessary ethnic bloodshed for no purpose.

  2. A woman who became a rebel and killer on the side of the ”Redicalized”Ethnic Rebel faction OLF,most be for sure severely funished by 20-30 years in prison by the rules of law!


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