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Tsadkan Gebretensae asserts “no identity question in Alamata” (Part 2)

January 3,2019

In the second part interview with Walta Information (watch part I here), former chief of staff General Tsadkan Gebretensae discussed lots of sensitive political questions.

While he seem to be in favor of constitutional reform, in view of what he believed is lack of experience at the time the constitution was drafted, he tends to defend Tigray’s position in connection with controversial issues like Wolkait and Raya.

He was explicit enough when he expresses his view on the topic. The way those regions were demarcated to Tigray was not wrong for him based on language criteria. And then he slides to an ambivalent position when he remarked that the issue would have been different had the issue was history as opposed to language.

The intent to take it back by force, he added, has caused anger in Tigray which he seem to espouse.

As to the political sentiment in Alamata, he says he noticed “we are not given the attention we deserve” feeling, not “an identity question.”

As a closing remark, he emphasized that war has to be avoided. If it happened, he says, even the Federal army might not defeat it.

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