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Ethiopia’s Benishangul region gets new leadership

Benishangul region of Ethiopia is apparently one of the regions where the ongoing reform did not take root. The changes are seemingly meant to foster the change.

Benishangul Region
Source : ENA

December 31,2018

Days after Benishangul People’s Democratic Party (BPDP), party that is governing Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia in the western part of the country, elected Adego Amsaya as its chairman, the region’s council has made new appointments, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation(EBC) which was published yesterday.

The region’s council called an emergency meeting to make new appointments and approve new legislation which will enable the region to “restructure” executives of the regional state. It has also approved draft bill to reorganize the office of the prosecutor and urban administration.

Executive bodies which were 18 in number are now downsized to 14,according to EBC.

The council also stripped off immunity of Babekr Halifa, who used to be head of the region’s agricultural office, in connection with the violence in the capital Assosa some time in June of this year. From experience in Somali region of Ethiopia, it means that he is likely to be arrested.

Speaker of the region’s council (Muleta Wonber), Deputy speaker (Dergu Ziad) and Audit Office head (Mrs.Tsehay Morka) have tendered their letter of resignation and the council has accepted it.

In terms of new appointments, Adgo Amsaya is appointed as head of the regional state and Abera Bayeta is head of the region’s peace building office.

Eleven other appointments are made for the different offices in the regional state structure.

The region has been facing security challenges for several months now. Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced from the region.

In a related development, sometime last week similar leadership changes have been made to Afar regional state after fierce controversy between those who support leadership change and those who resist it.

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  1. In Africa we needed to changes the old power systems to the checks and balances. There’s must be accountability to the government, citizens must follow the rules of laws, the leader or government must obey the rules of laws.


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