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“Old dream of greater somalia bordering awash river is the never-ending dream” : ARDUF

December 26,2018

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF), also known as Uguugumo, sent us a press release regarding the ongoing conflict in the region.

The party sees it as a sort of plot to destabilize the new Afar administration. It also linked it to “greater Somalia project” which has caused war between Ethiopia and Somalia in the 1970[s. “ARDUF strongly believes that the ongoing Afar and Issa-Somali conflict is deeply connected to the old dream of Greater Somalia ideology that caused wars between Ethiopian and Somalia in 1960-1964 border dispute and 1977-1978 Ogaden War.”

The text of the statement reads as follows :



    Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) or Afar UGUUGUMO has followed with alert and concern the turbulence and insecurity conditions created by Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front. One of the main goals of this terrorist Organisation is to fight and kill innocent Afar civilians indiscriminately in order to occupy Afarland illegally.

    ARDUF strongly condemns the indiscriminate and deliberate barbaric attacks on Afar civilians by the Somali Regional Special Forces and Issa terrorist armed groups that have killed dozens of Afar civilians, mostly children, women and the elderly people in their homes in the districts of Gawani, Qammih Baxa, and Galaqlu.

    ARDUF expresses its sincere condolences and sympathies to the families and relatives of those who have died in defense of their land.

    This ongoing fighting which is triggered by Issa terrorist Militia armed group by President Ismail Omar Guelleh’s Djibouti government has the following.

    • It is part of the TPLF instigated war to destabilize Dr. Abiy’s central government in Addis Ababa.
    • It is also a war created by TPLF and dictatorial regime of Djibouti to engage and undermine the newly formed Afar Regional administration. This is because the newly formed Afar Regional Government is not loyal or accountable to them. Clarifying that for those of you who are not familiar with the background history of the ongoing fighting between the Afar and Issa-Somalis inside the Afar Region has changed and developed from traditional inter-tribal dispute or pastoral clash over water resources, cattle raiding campaigns and competitions over grazing land as it used or called by various Abyssinian former Administrations, but it is a real WAR to control the main strategic highway for politico-economic influence and to finally set up Somali borders along the Awash River as it was designed by late the dictator Mohammed Siad BARRE expansionist government of Somalia.
    • It is NOT a war between the Afar and Issa-Somalis for over water resources and pasture, but it is a WAR against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Ethiopia and the well-being of 107 million Ethiopians.

    ARDUF strongly believes that the ongoing Afar and Issa-Somali conflict is deeply connected to the old dream of Greater Somalia ideology that caused wars between Ethiopian and Somalia in 1960-1964 border dispute and 1977-1978 Ogaden War.

    Later Djibouti after its independence in 1977 adopted the same irredentist project of “Great Somalia agenda” under the Gouled & Guelleh Mamassan clan the Issa-Somali, by arming and supporting the Issa-Somali ethnic groups in Ethiopia against the Afar people to realize the old dream of Greater Somalia bordering the Awash River.

    As a result, the Issa-Somali bandits’ expansionist took not only Afar areas but also vast parts from some districts of the Oromia Regional State, such as Ma’eso, Bordode, and Babile in the East and Borana and Guji in South of Oromia.

    ARDUF has received information that the repressive regime of Djibouti and the Somali Regional State have sent their Special Military Commandos and Forces taking part in such conflict to kill the Afar civilians in their region criminally.

    ARDUF (UGGUGUMO)investigating the involvement of TPLF in this War with IssaSomali against Afar. If we found concrete information about TPLF’s involvement in this war, we will destroy all roads lead to Tigray Region and will cut off all connections with the Tigray Region. It is Tigray the best interest not to involve in this war against Afar. Otherwise, Tigray will have to pay a heavy price for their dirty policy. ARDUF will protect Afar civilians and defend Afarland by all means.

    ARDUF calls on the Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian political parties, NGOs and the Diaspora should know this dangerous development that threatens the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Ethiopia. It is our collective responsibility and obligation to protect our Afarland by providing all possible means and support to ARDUF and the Afar people in their freedom-fighting and resistance against foreign occupation forces.

    ARDUF urges the repressive regime of Ismail Omar Guelleh -Djibouti to immediately stop financing, arming and supporting the Issa and Gurgura Liberation Front-Terrorist Organisation that waging war against the Afar civilians to occupy their land in Ethiopia illegally.

    ARDUF calls upon the Ethiopian government to protect Afar civilians from foreign occupation forces which have illegally declared war on the Afar People to occupy their land by force. We urgently call on the Government of Ethiopia to demarcate the boundary between the Afar and the Somali Region upon the 1947 demarcation line based 160 kilometres from today’s border the Erer River and demands the federal government of Ethiopia to respect the geographical integrity, cultural and historical rights of the Afar region, by dismantling all illegally constructed settlements at Adaytu, Qunxa-Foqo and Gadamaytu by the Issa-Somali invaders with the help of TPLF regime immediately and to help the safe return of the Afar civilians who have fled the areas since the outbreak of hostilities under the oppressive rule of the TPLF.

    Victory to Ethiopian Peoples,
    Victory to the freedom fighter (UGUUGUMO)
    Military Command Centre (MCC)
    Information Desk of ARDUF
    Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

For contact information and to access PDF format of the press release clickHERE

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  1. Borkena this is one side story. Why don’t you also try to know the other side of the story.

    The fact is that, TPLF illegally attached Somali inhabited districts to Afar Region. Afar administration had been neglecting the rights of poor Somali nomads in those districts. It is only now that Somali Nomads are trying to make their voices heard and Afar administration wants to ignore that and forcefully keep them in Afar region.

  2. “Greater Somalia” dead long ago in 1979. There was agreement b/t Somalia Pres M. Siyaad Bare & Ethiopia Hailemaryam in Djibouti 1986 & later creation of IGAT org. So border Somalia & Ethiopia are settled.

    Now the idea is Integration of Horn or East Africa union, No more wars of poverty & crises, especially Somalia & Somalis are not interesting useless wars.

  3. Really, as Somali I don’t aware about issue between Somali region or Afarland. However, i suspect when the press added here Moyale at border of Kenya & Djabouti. I guess, Afar in Ethiopia wants to fight with Tigray.

    Afar-Ethiopia Republic
    Afar-Eritrea Republic
    Afar-Djibouti Republic

    Which Afars are you? Because Afar are confused people about their citizenship of the 3 countries. In addition, Afars were fighting for freedom/separatist wars against both Ethiopia & Djibouti for long time for “Greater Afars/Afarland”.

    Somalis are more Ethiopians than Afars because Somali are #3 ethnicity & #2 region.
    Please, Afars love your neighbors & your countries.

  4. Federal government needs address this issue urgently before it creates human tragedy similar to the one that happened in Eastern and Southern Oromia. Be it expansionism or otherwise, war should condemned and stopped by any means possible ASAP!

  5. The war between issa and afar only
    Don’t add gurgure. Gurgure is far from afar
    Gurgure land is dire dhaba east and west
    Mainly .please don’t add the war
    Gurgure and issa they have conflict each other

  6. as a somali person it is heart breaking to read this press release accusing of all somalis including Djabouti to be trying to commit injury against their brothers and sisters Afars. In fact, for a long time, my parents used to tell us that Afars are blood bothers of somalis and some say they somalis clans who are assimilated into Oromos and Tigirey.

    whatever, the analogy might be. we somalis believe that Afars are just like any other somali clan, we dont even view them as a different ethnicity than us.

    they can be no proposal or an attempt to injure Afars.


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