Unverified : radicalized Qeerroo attacking elders in Shashemane

December 25,2018

Unverified video footage shared by Ethiopian Youth Democrats allegedly shows radicalized Oromo within Qeerroo, ethnic Oromo youth organization, attacking elders in Shashemene.

According to the source, the elders were attacked for being members of Ginbot 7, a pan-Ethiopian opposition group that is emerging as a strong voice for Ethiopians with a conviction for citizen politics as opposed to ethnic politics. However, it is not so far confirmed by other sources.

A few months back, a young man who happened to be from another ethnic group was hanged upside down in the same city and by members of Qeerro group.

What is shown in the video, apart from the political meaning attached to radical Oromo ethno-nationalism, clearly demonstrate that the deferential attitude towards elders which was one core value in the Ethiopian society is gone. Radical ethno-nationalist politics is certainly producing an an excessively irrational youth groups in different parts of the country.

Cover photo : Screenshot from Video
Video source : Social Media

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