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Unverified : radicalized Qeerroo attacking elders in Shashemane

December 25,2018

Unverified video footage shared by Ethiopian Youth Democrats allegedly shows radicalized Oromo within Qeerroo, ethnic Oromo youth organization, attacking elders in Shashemene.

According to the source, the elders were attacked for being members of Ginbot 7, a pan-Ethiopian opposition group that is emerging as a strong voice for Ethiopians with a conviction for citizen politics as opposed to ethnic politics. However, it is not so far confirmed by other sources.

A few months back, a young man who happened to be from another ethnic group was hanged upside down in the same city and by members of Qeerro group.

What is shown in the video, apart from the political meaning attached to radical Oromo ethno-nationalism, clearly demonstrate that the deferential attitude towards elders which was one core value in the Ethiopian society is gone. Radical ethno-nationalist politics is certainly producing an an excessively irrational youth groups in different parts of the country.

Cover photo : Screenshot from Video
Video source : Social Media

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  1. This is unprecedented in Ethiopian history. Young people beating elders. This will bring curse to not only the youth but the whole region. The government absolutly must arrest and bring them to court. There picture is on the video if not the government is powerless and ineffective should live to the others who can keep peace and order.

    • Am really shoked by such action. Really really what a lunatic bitchs action. I feel sheme on them…
      Qerro is internal terrorists of Ethiopia. They killed so many pure civilians based on their nation and relegious belifes.
      They have killed childrens infants even if pregnant mother in shashemene.
      International community should be the voice of the victims. Genocidal attack by oromos local terrorists group the so called qerro should be stopped in 21 century.
      How many gallons of pure civilians blood they want .. where is justice …where is the security force…

  2. it is totally inhuman act…barbaric….Gov’t must arrest the youths/attackers unless Gov’t is really powerless….and shoud handover the power to the people….betam yasazinal….

  3. Why do you want to arrest them and who is the arrester and who is the arrestee…. aren’t they all the same? You want freedom, you got freedom…. anarchy and lawlessness is what you get from this narcissistic prime minster. No one was help accountable for the hanging upside of an innocent young man few months back…. and now this and a whole lot in between —- be real people, be real,,,,,, i am sure if you can read this or write here, you’re untouchable because you probably are not on the streets….. irrespective of the ethnicity, think about the poor and the one’s that are suffering….. it does not matter who is in power….. the very basic guarantee people have to have is freedom of movement…. unless they can move freely, they can not feed themselves and their family….. and that guarantee is assured by the government!!! Let’s all be the judge if anyone can move freely in Ethiopia today?

  4. peoples in shashemene must condemn such violence and mob justice act done by the name qerro or what ever they called. this is not our culture kicking and killing our own brothers and father and government in the region must arrest and bring to court to those who involve in attack.

  5. Shame on Shashemene people involve on such violence act of killing and kicking elders. government of the region must arrest and bring to court those group of people

  6. Shame on Shashemene people involve on such violence act of killing and kicking elders. government of the region must arrest and bring to court

  7. J war Mohamed should take responsibility for those ignorant action ..he trained them doing this stupidity no doubt about it…this is ridiculous ..even hard to watch..i hope police should doing something about this. am sorry those what happen this .

  8. Where are the regional and federal governments if not themselves accomplices to what is going on everywhere in the country and particularly in Oromia?

  9. Hatemongering narrow-minded ethno-centrics thugs are wreaking havoc on others for no apparent reason except hatred. A nation cannot and should not tolerate such inhumane act by any people, regardless of their numbers or location. They want to wreck the country into civil war. That is why the existence of ethnic police and an ethnic system should be immediately abolished so that a police force that is neutral can intervene in cases like this.

    The only reason these hoodlums can act with impunity is for lack of neutral police. These acts by any group should be regarded as hate crime punishable with heavy imprisonment like many countries.

    Unless the federal government takes immediate action against such acts of violence it will spread and the country will be ungovernable.

  10. Wow! Ethiopia has become like any other country on earth. Many Habesha dont like non Habesha because supposely we dont have no culture,we are another different culture. But Habesha culture is no better then non- Habesha or vice versa. Yes Habesha like any other culture has its good qualities,but its not the one best of the world. If it were like that, we would not see the youth hitting the elders. Not only that Ethiopia would not have the issues it has. From decades back. I love and respect Ethiopia but if the people and government dont hold the the people that are causing division accountable: nothing will change and the situation will get worst in Ethiopia.

  11. Abiy Ahmed knew Jawaar Mohammad before his election and invited him to spread this quer racism.
    Abiy Ahmed is behind this racist genocide.

    3 million displaced since Abiy Ahmed came to power!

    How many somalis and other ethnicities will querro murder before they will be stopped? Abiy Ahmed only answers to egypt and arabs.


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