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Ethiopia’s Republican Guard demonstrate readiness to defend leaders

Republican Guard _ Ethiopia 2
Source : Office of the Prime Minister

December 24,2018

Ethiopia’s Republican Guard is now active and ready to protect senior government officials, reporeted Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

The raison d’etre that necessitated the formation of it is protection of senior government officials and their families from any possible danger including attack and abduction.

Members of this elite force met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed yesterday and demonstrated the skills they acquired during the course of their training. Parachute jump from a flying helicopter, unexpected maneuvering of the direction speeding vehicle, Taekwondo defense and attack are some of the skills that they demonstrated in their shows yesterday.

Republican Guard _ 2
Source : Office of the Prime Minister

The purpose of the show, as reported by government media which cited the office of the prime minister, is to show readiness for their mission.

According to government media, the Republican Guard force took six months of special training both in Ethiopia and abroad, and is highly equipped.

A day after meeting with his elite force, Prime minister Abiy Ahmed traveled to Ambo, which had been one of the centers of resistance that ushered in reform oriented new administration, where he visited university entrance preparatory school and met with students.

His movement out side of the capital was apparently restricted as violence proliferated in different parts of Ethiopia. There was even a talk of radical Oromo ethno-nationalist group plot to kill high ranking government officials including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Ethiopian authorities have arrested about 15 suspects today who are alleged members of a clandestine assassin group “Aba Torbe” – which is linked to armed Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) wing which has been operating in Wollega in the past few months.

On June 23, 2018, there was a grenade attack in the capital Addis Ababa during support rally for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. It happened as he was making speech to an estimated three million people gathered at Meskel Square. Government sources claim that the target of the grenade attack was Abiy Ahmed.

In mid October 2018, a group of soldiers marched to the palace without permission against established military discipline with an alleged grounds demanding pay raises and benefits. Later, the prime minister told members of Ethiopian parliament that the intention of the military march was to reverse the reform in the country and that that there was also an intention to kill him.

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