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Ethiopia : 7 killed at Bekele Molla Hotel as tension in Moyale continues

Moyale _ Somali _ Oromo
Google Map of Moyale region

December 18,2018

Seven people are killed at Bekele Molla Hotel in Moyale, a town in the Ethio-Kenyan border, yesterday, authorities and eye witnesses told Deutsche Welle (DW) Amharic. Several others are wounded.

Ethiopian government is yet to provide the public with information as to what caused the security problem that led to the death of seven people in the hotel.

Reports from local news sources seem to indicate that the victims are civilians.

Head of Borena Zone administration, Dagne Boru, is quoted by DW Amharic as saying:

    “Defense force showed tendency to intervene [seemingly following violence in the city] in the afternoon. In the evening, around five o’clock [local time] about seven or eight people were hurt by the defense force based on information I have.”

Addis Standard, local Ethiopian News portal, cited sources from Moyale town to report that a dialogue, regarding the security situation in the town, was underway between representatives of Borena (Oromo) and Garre (Somali) communities and federal government authorities when the incident happened at Bekele Molla Hotel.

DW Amharic also reported that the hospital in Moyale was shelled by mortar and, that forced staff to abandon it which in turn caused service suspension.

Mr. Dagne Borru confirmed to the source “Moyale hospital was shelled four times with heavy weaponry and the hospital is no longer giving service as staff fled fearing for their lives. We are in a very difficult situation…”

Victims from the latest violence are hospitalized in Yabello, a town about 200 kilometers north of Moyale.

Emergency patients’ unit coordinator in the hospital, Molu Dima, said “the total number of people who came to Yabello hospital until yesterday evening was 22, with bullet wounds. Seven were dead there [Moyale].”

Last week, at least 21 people were killed, 61 wounded and tens of thousands of residents displaced following ethnic violence between Oromo and Somali in Moyale – a town that the ethnic federal arrangement has divided between Oromo and Somali speakers.
Map : Google (file)

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