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Amhara-Tigray Peace Conference at Mekelle University

Amhara -Tigray
Source : Fana

December 14,2018

Mekelle University, in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia, held an “Amhara-Tigray” peace conference today, reported Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

It is intended to foster the relations between the two language speaking groups.

Also, it discussed ways of wagging a peaceful struggle against the move to incite violence between the two people, according to the source cited above.

Gebreyesus Teklu (PhD), Literature instructor at Mekelle Unviersity, also studying conflict resolution in South Africa, said that the two people have lived together over a thousand years without any restrictions, and that they have numerous things in common.

The differences between them are not capable of creating conflict and division, added Gebreyesus.

A significant number of Ethiopians are seemingly concerned about possible conflict between the two ethnic groups if the current level of sentiment among activists to incite violence is not averted. From that trajectory, the initiative to work on peace between the two regions could be relevant. Yet, the hurdles to make the initiative a success are too high.

For many, one of the big obstacles standing in the way of peace between two regions is Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its political convictions. Some allege that the organization is mobilizing and preparing for war which is in a way taken as an indicator that the party is seemingly things that war is inevitable.

At the height of its power, TPLF took away Wolkait and Raya from the provinces of Gonder and Wollo respectively and incorporated them as parts of Tigray region. Consequently, it imposed Tigray identity on residents of those regions who are now opening claiming back their identity after more than two decades of simmering idenity question.

Tigray’s radical ethno-nationalist party tends to believe that those regions would only legitimately reject Tigray identity over the dead body of TPLF, and of course when it says TPLF it means Tigray. On the contrary, political leaders in the party are doing every thing they can to restore peaceful relation with Eritrea.

The party’s position is clearly a challenge for those who intend to avert potential conflict between ethnic Amhara and ethnic Tigray.

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  1. “Amhara-Tigray Peace Conference at Mekelle University”

    It is a good start in the direction of SANITY for the benefit of the ORDINARY people who, in reality, are hungry NOT for POWER and DOMINATION but for PEACE and STABILITY to lead their LIFE in their own respective aspiration and occupation.
    For what it is worth, I PRAY that the Peace Conference at Mekelle University will be the beginning of a solid future for both fraternal people and also a catalyst for others. AFRICA needs THAT example. . .

  2. Huh you donkey Amhara’s w will you never learn Raya & Wolkait has always been belonged Tigrai you slick talk won’t change anything. Amhara get it through your head we Tigreans no longer want anything with you if you continue with your foolish way waging war on our people like you’ve done the been doing past 3 4 year WOYANE’S will be coming at your door. The time talk with you animals are over respect Tigrai people or die lie your cowards DERG.

  3. I wonder why did Dr. ABy started with love, peace, forgiveness, and brotherhood and now he wants to hunt everyone who seemingly committed a crime and robbed Ethiopian resources. DR. Aby said first we have forgiven all the past ills now he singing a different song. I think that is the main issue also beside the land grab by weyane of the Amhara people. The land surely needs to go back to whom it belonged, to begin with, but the punishment of the weyane for the ills they had committed needs to be looked at for sake of peace. Yes, weyane will fight to save its nake and that will cause disaster for the region of Tigray and Amhara as well and the animosity will continue to the next generation. Dr. Aby needs to wise up and avoid this destruction just as he started his term five months ago. war is not good and one has to find means to avoid it at any cost for the cost of war and peace are not the same. yes money had been looted and people had suffered but why create another situation where more people will suffer now and for the foreseeable future as well.

  4. This is a great start and it has to keep going. It started at Mekele University and I am hoping the rest of the Ethiopian universities should take same responsibility and encourage peace and prosperity in our country well. According human history there is no gain from conflict or war; so let’s encourage peace in Ethiopia and Africa in general.

  5. Quote “… universities should take same responsibility and encourage peace and prosperity…” Unquote Redae {indeed, ‘redae’ = ‘helpful’}

    Saying it in totality, I always say and write the same message i.e. the AFRICAN scholars of the Highest Order, graduate from Ivy League Universities with impressive title of Ph D [Doctor of Philosophy] around the Globe should take the baton and lead AFRICA to the highest destination — NOT mimicking and blindly copying but reflecting and enhancing the inherent characteristic of the African People ……… I better STOP before .jumping into dissertation. .


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