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Ethiopian Social Democratic Party blames EPRDF administrative structure for disunity

Ethiopian Social Democratic Party says EPRDF born administrative structure are sources of sense of disunity and conflict in the country

Beyene Peteros _ Ethiopian Social Democratic Party
Beyene Petros, Leader of Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (Source : VOA Amharic)

November 30,2018

Ethiopian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) says administrative arrangements is the main cause and is responsible for conflicts and sense of disunity in the country, and that Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front, the ruling coalition, is responsible for it, according to a report by Voice of America Amharic Service today.

Beyene Petros, who is chairman of ESDP, said that the existing administrative structure was arranged illegally and through dictatorial means.

In connection with what is now Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Region(SNNPR),for example,Beyene recalled that the administrative arrangement made during the transitional government of Ethiopia, that is soon after TPLF led guerrilla forces took over power in Addis Ababa in 1991, was changed in contravention with the existing constitution of Ethiopia.

It was the late Meles Zenawi who ordered the creation of SNNPR in an outright dictatorial move, Beyene added.

Beyene, who is himself from Hadya zone of the region, says that the admnistratice arrangement used in the case of SNNPR lacked uniformity and contradicted to the constitution.

How so? He explained that the Ethiopian Federal states arrangement was made on the basis of language but the arrangement was not implemented in SNNPR for nearly 50 language groups were made to be included in a singe regional state.

In fact, several language speaking groups in the region do have larger number of population than an entire regional state in other parts of Ethiopia. For example Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, which is in Western Ethiopia, has less population than some language speaking groups in SNNPR.

In consequence, SNNPR is experiencing political problems which in some cases were transformed to conflict and security problems that have left hundreds dead and thousands displaced, among other damages.

Further, several language speaking groups in the region are now demanding statehood.

Leader of Ethiopian Social Democratic Party called for Ethiopian government to address the problem as quickly as possible while encouraging people in the region who are demanding for statehood to be patient.

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