Several Oromia police members and civilians killed in East Wollega

ODP central committee furious after reports of killings of Oromia police in East Wollega, Western parts of Ethiopia. Vows to go after the criminals.

Oromia Police members killed
Funeral procession for members of Oromia police
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November 29,2018

Several members of Oromia police and civilians are killed in East Wollega zone and areas adjacent to Benishangul Regional State, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported today citing Oromia Regional State Communications Affairs Office.

Deressa Terefe, deputy head of the office, told FBC that the incident happened on Thursday in Arkumbe Keble of Limu district, East Wollega, and that several residents and members of the regional police are killed, without mentioning the exact figures of the victims. Deressa also said that property is damaged although the worth of it is not yet estimated.

The regional government communication office described the killings as “horrifying” and that it will disclose the exact figure of causalities to the public although it didn’t specify exact date or time for it.

Social media sources, on the other hand, say that as many as 15 policemen and dozens of civilians are killed in attack.

Bodies of the victims have been taken to Nekemte where people took to the street to demand government to stop killings and displacement of civilians. One person is killed in Nekemte in the ensuing demonstrations as protesters become agitated and emotional, Deressa told FBC.

The question as to who is behind the attacks and killings is not addressed explicitly. Forces who are against the region’s and the country’s peace and with interest in reversing the ongoing change in the country are the causes of the conflict, the region’s deputy head of communication bureau is cited as saying. And this is not the first time for the region to experience security crisis.

Hundreds of people were killed and thousands displaced a couple of months ago in the same region. Some social media activists allege that TPLF faction is working with the radical Oromo ethno-nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – an organization that has reached agreement with Oromo Democratic Party (ODF) which is governing the region. There were even reports of clash between government forces and OLF fighters at the end of October 2018.

There have been also reported killings this week in Moyale, Southern Ethiopia, adjacent to Somali areas and in Chinanksen and Babile area in the South Eastern parts of Ethiopia as well.

Meanwhile, Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) central committee held an emergency meeting, apparently in the office of the prime minister, to discuss escalating security crisis in different parts of Oromia regional state of Ethiopia and related matters. And is has issued a stern statement.

The meeting assessed, according to FBC report, gains of the ongoing change in the country and security challenges in Oromia regional states.

The statement tend to link the existing security crisis, which is apparently a by-product of manufactured conflict, to what it called forces who had been misusing government power and embezzling resources. The forces are working relentlessly, added the statement, not only to create rift between government and people in the Oromia region but also to make the region a war zone.

And ODP central committee vowed to ensure peace and security in the region within a shortest possible time and that it will go after those who are responsible for all the atrocities.

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