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Ministry of Foreign Affairs to breakaway from old appointment practices

Meles Alem _ MoFAE
Meles Alem, MOFAE spokesperson
Source : MOFAE

November 29,2018

As part of the reform agenda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia disclosed today that it will announce new appointments of officials and diplomats very soon.

The Ministry Spokesperson, Meles Alem, said that the diplomatic missions will be hinged on priorities of the ministry namely enhancing strategic partnerships,economic diplomacy, efficient consular service delivery and engaging Ethiopian diaspora community, according to an update published by the ministry.

The spokesperson is also cited,during his press briefings today (November 29), as saying that the reforms that are underway in the ministry are meant to achieve better capacity to “lead foreign relations and national interests of the country.”

As to human resource deployment, political loyalty and party affiliations do not seem to be among selection criteria if what spokesperson says is true. “The main criteria are knowledge, skill and professionalism,” he is quoted as saying.

Academics and prominent figures are reportedly included in the new appointments but their names are not released until the ministry makes an official announcement.

In line with its “Zero-discord” policy objectives in the neighboring regions, experienced and skillful diplomats will be assigned in the neighboring diplomatic mission – according to Meles Alem.

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  1. This will be the great reform which promote our Country Ethiopia to the horn of Africa and to the rest world. l’m accampalishing my Foreign policy and diplomacy M.A. in Hawassa University and I hope with will God I will join ur institution as the diplomatic expert. Have a great successful time!


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