Legahar Housing Village : multi-billion dollar project launched in Addis Ababa

Legahar Housing Village project will create 25,000 jobs and will be completed in seven years,says gov.t

Legahar Housing Village
Legahar Housing Village project
Source : FBC

November 19,2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched in the capital Addis Ababa today a private public partnership housing project worth billions of US dollars (50 billion birr in Ethiopian currency.)
Demeke Mekonnen and other senior government officials including acting Mayor of the city and religious leaders were among the attendees of the launch ceremony.

The project site is the historical Legahar, in heart of the city, and will be constructed on 36 hectares of land, some of which is land from residents in the area who are, reportedly, promised to be given better housing in the same area, according to Ethiopian State medoa.

Acting Mayor of Addis Ababa, Takele Uma says the project is designed to be an affordable housing one, as opposed to gentrification, and the housing needs of residents in the area will be taken care of.
According to Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), as many as 1600 residents of the area will be beneficiary of the project and will have affordable housing units.

When the project is completed, in five to seven years time, Legahar village will have 3 four and five star hotels, recreation centers including cinema, residential apartments, and commercial units and parking facilities.

Four thousand residential units in the project are believed to help ease housing shortages in the city and historical sites in Legahar area are said to be intact, based on Fana report.

The huge village project in the capital is a public-private partnership between the government of Ethiopia and United Arab Emirates construction firm, Eagle Hills.

It is also expected to open twenty-five thousand employment opportunities, seemingly mostly temporary ones during the construction stage of the project which is seven years, maximum.

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