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Afar region of Ethiopia poised to experience “change”

Weeks after persistent protest,consultation between Federal&regional authorities led to decisions to change leadership in Afar region of Ethiopia.

Abiy _ Afar _ Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with Afar regional state leadership and party members
Photo : FBC

November 19,2018

It has been more than seven months now since most parts of Ethiopia experienced considerable political changes following Abiy Ahmed’s election, from within the ruling coalition EPRDF, as Prime Minister to replace Hailemariam Desalegne who resigned sometime in mid February of this year.

Yet, some parts of Ethiopia did not experience the change as stooges of political forces before the “change” in Addis Ababa are still in power.

In Gambella region region for example, it was only last month that president of the regional state, Gatluak Tut, resigned following persistent protest. Of course, his resignation does not amount to major changes as the structural arrangements that that supported bad governance in the past are still intact.

Yet, some regions do not even have leadership changes and Afar region is a good example. It was one of the regions where TPLF exercised an absolute political influence, not to mention other forms of it.

There have been protests in recent weeks in the region demanding for changes and the regional administration resorted to forceful measure to suppress them – perhaps the reason that compelled the Federal government to step in to resolve the issue.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been holding a meeting with Afar Regional State leadership and Afar National Democratic Party Central Committee members since last week but was interrupted due to the African Union meeting.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) cited the office of the Prime Minister to report that the discussion focused on how to implement “changes” that are taking place at the national level, at the regional level.

He resumed the meeting today and they have decided to replace existing leadership in Afar Regional State with new leadership. From the experience in the past, at least in the case of Gambella and Somali region of Ethiopia, Younger politicians with “global” experiences, among other things, are taking leadership positions.

The decision regading Afar region is said to be in the interest of “ensuring peace and security and making people in the region beneficiaries from development programs,” according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC).

The leadership in the region reportedly pledged to engage and involve the youth in the region to address democratic and development questions in the region.

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