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Intention of military march was to kill me,unveils PM Abiy Ahmed

The military march to the palace last week was intended to kill Abiy Ahmed and abort the reform in Ethiopia, according to the prime minister’s speech in the parliament.

Abiy Ahmed _ reform_ Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed
Source : EBC

October 18,2018

In his appearance at the parliament today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed shared a story regarding what was widely believed to be “illegal and unconstitutional” military march to the palace – as reported by government media outlets like Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporations.

He told members of the parliament, who are entirely from the same ruling coalition (EPRDF), that the march to the palace by hundreds of armed forces was not just illegal and unconstitutional but also it was intended to abort the reform in Ethiopia.

“There are those who regret that I was not killed in what was planned to be a military confrontation,” the prime minister added explicitly informing his party members in the parliament that there was a plan to kill him.

When a group of 250 special forces, who were deployed to Burayu for a mission, marched to the palace last week, state media (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) reported that the intention was to have a meeting with the prime minister regarding benefits, pay raise and administrative gaps within the Defense Force administration.

Apparently, the state broadcaster was reporting based on the Prime Minister’s own explanation of the incident. Verified EBC video of Prime Minister in which he explained about the incident was widely shared on social media. In that video, Abiy Ahmed said that the soldiers wanted to meet him, like all other Ethiopians, before they were heading to their designated military camp, to discuss their situation; that they are not paid enough and there are administrative problems. They added, he said, they are sometimes deployed for a mission where they could not get adequate meals, among other things.

Whereas the story that prime minister Abiy Ahmed shared today in the parliament depicts rather a picture that the soldiers were mobilized to march to the palace as part of an effort to abort the ongoing reform in the country and kill the prime minister.

“…While I was having a cabinet minister meeting, five or ten people [commanders] with ill intention mobilized armed soldiers to [march to the to the palace],” the Prime Minister unveiled the story explicitly.

He added that he was deliberately smiling while giving interview to journalists to calm the public down as “Young men, peasants and horsemen from Burayu, Sululta and Legatafo” were marching to the city thinking that “their government” is under attack. The prime minister is of the view that his action saved Ethiopia.

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Seare Mekonen, announced this week that army officers who mobilized, in his own words, the special forces to march to the palace, which he said was unconstitutional and against the ethical values within the army, have been arrested.

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  1. I can’t believe this. So many mixed stories none of which are making sense. If the PM is in agreement with the speculation about killing him by his army, then why in the world he is still in the office? If the story is true and correct, then the game is over. If his army is not on his side, then eventually, they will plan another strategic assassination or they will not obey his orders- both of which are not making him safe.

  2. Dear Borkena,
    The problem is we just don’t have responsible investigative journalists. It is difficult for me to believe Chief of Staff Seare did not know 250 elite forces were marching to the palace. We still need to know who gave the orders and the identity of those arrested. It is interesting that Fetlework few weeks publicly said “we” will throw out Abiy! Remember she is related to Sebhat and Abbay Tsehaye.


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