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Abiy Ahmed recognizes no signed Ethio-Sudan border agreement after 1972

Ethiopia Sudan border agreement was singed in 1972 ; no other border agreement was singed between the two countries says Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopia Sudan Border
Source : ENA

October 18,2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sends a clear message on the issue of Ethio-Sudan border during question and answer period in the House of Peoples’ Representative today.

The only signed agreement on Ethio-Sudan border that is a result of bilateral talks is one that was signed in 1972; no other singed border agreement (after that) is acceptable, Abiy Ahmed is cited as saying by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Abiy Ahmed’s conception of Ethio-Sudan border is just like any other border in Africa which he says is “artificially” drawn during colonial Africa.

However, he told the parliament that he held talks with Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir regarding the issue and the agreement is “to move troops away from the boarder so as to enable farmers on both sides of the border to live with no security concerns.”

Based on his words during the question and answer session in the parliament, it seems the case that an understanding is reached between the two leaders to establish a joint commission to resolve the border issue once and for all. Until then, the agreement between the two countries is, according to Abiy, for citizens to stay where they are.

There had been rumors of secret border agreement between Sudan and Ethiopia initiated by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders, but which was rather projected as it was given away by Amhara regional state authorities.

In June 2015, Demeke Mekonen reportedly denied any land give away to Sudan by Amhara region, as cited by Sudan Tribune.

As it turns out, according to unverified claims, TPLF secretly gave away land to Sudan while venturing to propaganda work to make the give away appear as if it was done by Demeke Mekonen.

TPLF government, which is toppled from within the ruling coalition about seven months ago, went to the extent of signing agreement for joint cross-border army with Sudan “to patrol border area” as the concern for rising rebel movemet was seen as inevitable by TPLF. In 2016, government was ready to complete border demarcation as Ethiopians were protesting the land given away.

Two weeks ago, Demeke Mekonen, came in the open to clear the rumor when he say that the story that gave out land to Sudan was deliberately fabricated to create a negative political image of him.

His party, which is now named as Amhara Democratic Party, is pushing the Federal government to settle the Ethio-Sudan border demarcation as Sudanese farmers are claiming lands that used to be well within the Ethiopian border for ages.

And there had been recurring skirmishes not just between farmers from the two counties but also between soldiers.

In July 2018, at least five Ethiopian farmers were killed in border area when Sudanese soldiers opened fire which triggered a response from Ethiopian Defense Force.

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