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Ethiopia to investigate soldier’s illegal march to the palace

Army March - Anarchy - Ethiopia _
Soldiers marching to the palace in the capital Addis Ababa
Source : SM

October 12,2018

“Were commanders of soldiers, who marched to the palace demanding to see the prime minister,aware of their moves?” “Why was it not possible to hold discussion with them before they reach to the office of the prime minister?” These are some of the questions posed to Motuma Mekassa, minister of Defense department, who held discussion with members of 2nd division of the defense force who staged a mutiny like march which was secretive enough that no one knew about it, on face value at least, until they show up at the palace facing the guards in charge.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) cited the Defense Minister as saying that there will be an investigation of commanders who did not follow up with demands of the soldiers closely but it is not clear if they are going to be charged.

The minister, like other officials including prime minister Abiy Ahmed, believes that the demands raised by the soldiers regarding pay and benefit are legitimate but the way they presented their demands were wrong and violated laws, according to FBC report.

In what seems to be a response to the concerns of Ethiopians who tend to think that similar anarchy could happen again, Motuma says that the army is loyal to strict discipline and believes in the rule of law, and people in Ethiopia should not fear that it will happen again.

Meanwhile, the soldiers have reportedly apologized to the Ethiopian government and the people of Ethiopia during a discussion with the Defense Chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonnen. Ethiopians in social media were highly critical of the incident and considered it to be anarchy of highest order.

The soldiers have admitted that the question was presented outside of the norms, practices and law of the ministry of Defense.

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia does not allow the defense force to stage demonstration.

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  1. I am Eritrean + Ethiopian…. I believe Mr. PM is a genuine and good hearted Ethiopian. However…. though it is early to say….I doubt that he really has got the wisdom of leadership. I believe leadership is more than just being ambitious… it is also about ticking the boxes which can possibly take you there. Is there any way I can get a chance to write a consructive piece at your site?


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