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Only 1,700 displaced people returned to their places in Burayu

Only 1,700 from over 12,000 displaced people returned to Burayu. Government is relocating the rest within Addis Ababa from their temporary shelters

Burayu _ Addis Ababa
Photo : Fana

September 22,2018

Addis Ababa City Administration says 1,700 people displaced from Burayu are returned to their places in Burayu, outside the capital, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation. (FBC)

The administration is also relocating others who were staying in schools to other areas on grounds that schools are opening as of next Monday.

Ethiopians, including some political leaders, have been questioning as to why government did not make the arrangement to return all the displaced people back to Burayu and if there is any hidden sinister motive in returning only a fraction of displaced people due to Burayu Massacre.

The City Administration also says that so far it has spent 20 million Ethiopian Birr for the provision of necessities like food, water and closing.

Fana Broadcasting also cited the City’s communication office to report that health care service has been provided to the displaced people.

It is to be remembered that well over 12,000 people were displaced from Burayu following barbaric attack by Qeerroo, an Oromo organized youth group known who are known to work with the radical Oromo ethno-nationalist group and with the moderate one as well, last week between September 14 and September 16.

Despite the claim that the victims, the regional and town administration say that the massacre was not carried out by Qeerroo and point a finger to a “organized robbers from Addis Ababa.”

According to a report by Amnesty International, at least 58 people were killed and over hundred people wounded in connection with the Burayu incident.

Oromo regional state police, however, claim that the number of people killed in connection with Burayu massacre is only 26. Police also said that it has arrested over 300 suspects.

Ethiopians activists tend to believe that the unprovoked massacre of ethnic Gamo people in the town of Burayu is an act ethnic cleansing and they call for an independent investigation into the massacre.

As admitted by government authorities, at least five people were shot dead in Addis Ababa when police tried to disperse demonstrators who opposed the Burayu Killing.

In the ensuing days, the federal police arrested activists in the capital Addis Ababa and over 200 youth are currently in custody according to sources in social media.

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