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Lemma Megersa named winner of Bego Sewu Award

Lemma Megersa _ Award
Lemma Megersa after the award ceremony
Photo : Fana

September 2,2018

Oromo regional state president Lemma Megersa is awarded “Yeametu Bego Sewu award” which translates to Person of the Year Award.

Winners of the award are disclosed at the end of Ethiopian new year. Ethiopians celebrate their new year on September 11.

Ethiopians believe that Lemma has played a crucial role in the effort to bring about reconciliation after twenty-seven years of divisive politics in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia was in a dangerous situation immediately before Abiy Ahmed became prime minister. Lemma Megersa along with Gedu Andargachew and Demeke Mekonen have contributed for the election of Abiy Ahmed as Chairman of the ruling coalition and later as prime minister of Ethiopia.

Lemma Megersa is perhaps the most popular politicians outside of the region he is in charge, Oromo region.

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