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National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA)to purge employees with political affiliation

Adem Mohammed_Intelligence Chief
Adem Mohammed, Ethiopia’s new intelligence chief
Source : FBC

July 17,2018

National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) new director, Adem Mohammed who used to be head of the Ethiopian Air Force, announced today that employees of the agency who happen to have political affiliation to any political parties in the country are either to end their political affiliation or quit as employees of Ethiopia’s intelligence agency.

The decision seems to be informed by experiences that made the entity suffer from public trust in the past on grounds of political affiliation and the need to make it a neutral entity committed to the cause of National security, according to Adem Mohammed who is cited by pro-government media in the country.

The director admitted that capacity building is among the focus areas of the reform to enhance the capability of intelligence officers to effectively deter internal and external danger to Ethiopia. Restructuring the agency is also considered as a means to accomplish the mission in line with the goals of the agency.

Impending changes in the agency are part of prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s reform measure.

NISA is also expected to see changes in terms of ethnic diversity as it was believed, in the past, that the agency was dominated by ethnic Tigreans who constitute only about 6 percent of the Ethiopian population.

On June 7,this year, Abiy removed Getachew Assefa, faceless most unpopular figure, who headed the agency for well over two decades. in terms of political affiliation, he was one of the nine executive committee members of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which dominated federal government departments including NISA and the ruling coalition for nearly three decades, and is believed to have committed numerous extra-judicial killings and tortures.

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  1. I feel I am tagged by unknown people and your agency has iscolated me from citizenship rights. I am saying this after a lot of burden I carried for the last dozen years. Since I was deported from US may be with the former intelligence smaggling with the cia I am trying to get permanent jobs but kept on being fired from the temporary private school teaching jobs. CIA has indicated me as a terrorist just because of my facial expression and smooth hair. Their immegration officer argued with this mentioning terrorists names and their case numbers. I saw this from my immigration asylum denial decision explanation page. Now, here in my country and a city my hero grand father modernized it in the 1880s I am being blocked from many previlages and right too. I have applyed to return to my Ethiopian Airlines job three times. Since I wotked more than 5 yrars, 7years they have the obligation to accept me. I have properly secured the resign and received the transcript (letter of experiencr) too. But they prohobitted me. Recently, I was registered at the development bank of ethiopia to take training and then get loan. They deleted my name. CIA or NISS (Ethiopia)?


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