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“Counter-reform forces incapable of reversing the course” PM Abiy Ahmed

PM Abiy Ahmed hinted that his government could be tough on those who are plotting to reverse reform measures that got popular support from Ethiopians.

Abiy Ahmed
PM Abiy Ahmed
Credit : Fana

July 6,2018

During a parliamentary appearance, today to explain the Ethiopian year 2011 budget, Prime minister Abiy Ahmed sent a stern warning to what he called groups and individuals that are adhering to politics of intrigue to reverse the course that the country is taking.

“The problem of politicians is,” says the prime minister, “inability to discern between matters that are alive and those that are gone for good.”

He added that government is aware of the political plots and that patience on the part of the government is due to the will to foster national unity and reconciliation not because “political scandals” do not entail accountability.

Politically manufactured conflicts have been observed in different parts of the country which caused deaths and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

While pledging to broaden the political and democratic space in the country further, the prime minister underscored any opposition or protest has to be in line with the principle of observing the rights of others.

Some opposition groups and the public at large seem to be in agreement with the prime minister that there are forces who have lost much from the ongoing reform measures and who are plotting to reverse it.

In a speech made during a town hall meeting in Dallas, where Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America events have been taking place since July 1st, leader of AG7 ( Abrbegnoch Ginbot 7) stated that his party is aware of the activities of groups within the government working to reverse the reform measures taken since prime minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April of this year and vowed to struggle them.

The public approval rate for the new prime minister has soared although no formal opinion poll is administered.

There have been rallies across the country for several weeks now in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration and the hope for change.

The prime minister announced today during his appearance at the parliament that 64 % of the 346.9 billion Ethiopian birr budget for the next Ethiopian fiscal year ( 2011) is allocated for poverty reduction related projects.

55 percent of the budget is for capital projects in the country. Megaprojects in the country will need $US 7.5 billion for completion and there will not be a new capital project for the upcoming fiscal year, according to the prime minister.

He has also stated that projects that could not be productive under government will be transferred to the private sector.

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