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Ethnic minority Irob in Tigray protest against EPRDF EC decision to cede Bademe to Eritrea

June 9,2018

Ethnic Irob, minority people northern Tigray,Ethiopia, took to the street opposing decision of the ruling coalition’s executive committee to cede the Bademe to Eritrea as a show of commitment for ending the existing “no war-no peace” which the prime minister described rather as a war with no human casualty.

Protesters say it is not appropriate for the Ethiopian government to accept the Algiers peace agreement in full and they requested that the party reconsider the decision as the agreement, which was signed eighteen years in Algeria, which puts the Ethiopian identity in question, reported state media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

Arega Tigray, an opposition party in the region and a member of opposition coalition MEDREK, also opposed the decision of the ruling party and announced that there will be peaceful protest across towns in Tigray.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front,the ruling party in the region, on the other hand, says that the ruling coalition’s decision to decision on Ethio-Eritrea issue is aimed at restoring normalcy in the relation between the “brotherly people of the two countries”

Eritrea has not yet responded to call on the part of Ethiopia officially. There have been reports on social media that the Eritrean president is indifferent to the call and that he does not want to hear any negotiation with “Woyane” ( a reference to TPLF) before the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops in the what his government believes is Eritrean territory.

More than eighty thousand soldiers are believed to have killed during the two years war between Ethiopia and Eritrea which was fought between 1998 and 2000.

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation
Cover photo : Screenshot from Video

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  1. The Algers agreement was signed by Meles Zenawi. This would just be an implementation of that agreement. If there is anyone at fault it would the him and he was chairman of the TPLF. Any grievances should be addressed to the TPLF for betraying the people of Irob.

  2. Typical TigraiPLF-organized protests. These squatters need to go; Eritreans from Badme have been displaced from their homes for almost 2 decades. This is a crime against humanity


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