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Assassinated Ethiopian Activist Gezahagne Nebro laid to rest in Johannesburg

Gezahagne Nebro
Picture from the funeral
Photo : ESAT

April 30,2018

Gezahagne Gebremeskel, alias Nebro,prominent Ethiopian activist who was apparently assassinated last week is laid to rest in Johannesburg. Thousands of Ethiopians and south Africans marched en masse for his funeral , and South African National Broadcaster has covered the news, according to US based Ethiopian News outlet, ESAT. His daughter who was interviewed by South African media is cited as saying that her father was brave and that she would live up to his dreams.

Mourners carried thousands of Ethiopian flag which the Ethiopian government outlawed in Ethiopia by linking it to “terrorists”

South African police escorted the ceremony.

The source added that memorial service for Gezahagne has become part of ESAT’s 8th year anniversary which was celebrated in 50 cities around the world.

Ethiopians in South Africa seem to be convinced that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), still the dominant political force in the ruling coalition in Ethiopia, is behind the assassination of celebrated and loved Ethiopian activist, Nebro.

Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria, on the other hand, is distancing itself from the killing and expressed condolences. For the embassy, remarks about the assassination of the activist are meant to cover up criminals behind it, added ESAT.

South African police has reportedly started investigation into the killing.

Gezahagne is survived by two children.

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