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Lemma Megersa picks Shashemene Mayor as vice-president of the region

Lemma Megersa made public, though the region’s communication Bureau, major cabinet reshuffle for the regional administration. The reshuffle is meant to enhance the regional government capacity to deliver service and execute change.

Lemma Megersa -OPDO - Oromo
Lemma Megersa – OPDO chairman

April 18, 2018

Ethiopia’s Oromo regional state president Lemma Megersa made a major cabinet reshuffle in his team. Teyba Hassen who served in the past as mayor of Shashemane town is now vice-president of the region, a position which was held previously by Abiy Ahmed who is now Prime minister of Ethiopia. Teyba sternly opposed killings by Agazi forces in Shashemane and ordered the arrest of those who committed the killings.

Teyba Hassen _Lemma Megersa
Teyba Hassan, new vice president of OPDO

Addisu Arega Kitesa who served as communication head of the region is now giving way to Dr. Negeri Lenho who is said to have been troubled as Government Communication Minister at the Federal level. As such Negeri’s case does seem a promotion in that it represents a rescue by Lemma Megersa. Negeri held the Federal position only for a little over a year. It is rumored for months now that Nigussu Tilahun, Amhara region communication head, is likely to be the next Federal government communication minister.

Addisu Arega is to say in team Lemma as Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO’s) rural political mobilization head. The urban wing of this position is given to Kefyalew Ayana.

Adama (Nazret) Mayor Adanech Abebe is promoted as head of OPDO central office, another woman in Lemma’s team to hold a senior position in the region. The controversial Chaltu Segni is now in charge of the region’s revenue authority. In the past, she ordered demolition of Ethiopian Orthodox church as Mayor of Lege Tafo and the matter was resolved after it was escalated to senior authorities. Lemma Megersa has also promoted Habiba Siraj, Elfenesh Bayecha and Zeineba Adem as mayors of Legetafo town, Adama (Nazret) and Asela respectively.

Departments dealing with industry, mining and urban development and housing have also seen changes. The reshuffle brought a total of 23 members of the organization on board to what is often referred to as Team Lemma.

Lemma Megersa is distinguishing himself as a reformer and diligent leader with a vision to bring about change and has even got some support outside of his ethnic based party- OPDO. He stepped down as chairman of OPDO last month so as to make way for Abiy Ahmed who was vying for Federal prime minister position for Abiy needed to be a chairman to run for prime minister position.

However, there are Ethiopians who doubt him as a man of change due to the fact that he worked for the regime in power in the intelligence unit and that he is a product of ethnic politics. For many, he is an ethno-nationalist.

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