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Tigist Mengistu Hailemariam remarks on the situation in Ethiopia in her second video message

March 1, 2018

With all the uncertainties and complexities of the situation in Ethiopia, it has become gripping so much so that Ethiopians in the country and abroad are literally breathing Ethiopia.

The daughter of former Ethiopian leader Colonel Mengistu Hailemarim, Tigist Mengistu, released a second video message on her social media timeline.

The focus of her message, this time around, revolves around the resignation of prime minister Hailemriam Desalegne and the situation in the country. She says Ethiopians are wagging bitter resistance against what she calls indigenous colonial rule but, she says even bitter struggle is yet to come. Her message is to Ethiopians and opposition parties to unite and rise to the challenge.


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  1. the revolution of Ethiopia is warm day to day but the target is almost to one direction which is the TPLF (the people of tigray ) so we have to walk up from sleeping ,what we have to do is , we have to organized ,in one front & we have to come a rivolution (the rivolution is not war ,it is developmen by the peopl ,.to the peopl) we have to comedown from the direction of war & shift to development

  2. Very much disappointed. It is like listening to your dad . I know he was not financially corrupt. Even though you were too young to know it was your dad and his friends who started the country in this direction. We have dectators ruling our country not colonialist s ,as we had in the 17 years of mengestu. The limited freedom of speech practiced during haile silasse was destroyed by the derge. Freedom to organize was freedom to submit and join the ruling party. Torture, killing….was normal then . You couldn’t even buy a TV set unless you are the member of the party.if you are not a Communist you were a second class citizen. Freedom of religion was so bad people has to go to places where no one knows them for their babies christianing. As an Amhara I hate ethinic poletics and the corruption that has swallowed our country but as EPRDF always refer they better than the Derge. As a young and educated Ethiopian you should forward a more democratic view.

  3. If I were you, I would keep quite. Your father put Ethiopian in a position what it used to be 100 years back. But your father is still unrepentant for the havoc he caused to the country.


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