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Medical Mistake in a Saudi Hospital brought unending tragedy to a family but no justice years after court ruling

A medical mistake at Dr.Sulaman Fakih hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, destroyed the life of a four-year child, who has been in a coma for twelve years, bringing unending tragedy to the family. Years after a court ruling, no restitution

Justice for Mohammed_ Medical error
Mohammed before and after the medical procedure
Source : SM

February 25, 2018

Twelve years ago, twelve years Mohammed was taken to Dr.Sulaman Fakih hospital, in Jeddah, for a minor surgery to remove skin tag on the nose in Saudi Arabia.

The medical procedure was meant to be rather quick and uncomplicated. Halima, the mother, was waiting for her son outside thinking all would be alright.

As it turns out, her son never woke up due to a medical mistake and he has been in a coma since then. Since the tragic incident, she has been confined to the room where her son is lying unconsciously as she has no one else to take care of her son.

The hospital was challenged in a court of law in the country and child was to get SR 2.4 million in restitution. Further, the court ruled that the hospital cater for the medication and care for the child. The ministry of health seems to have agreed with the court ruling.

However, nothing happened many years after the court ruling. The mother pleads to Ethiopians around the world to stand in support of her as she is pursuing justice.

The Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia is not doing what it is supposed to do in terms of supporting Halima get her compensation. It is a public knowledge that the Ethiopian embassy is criticized many times for ignoring issues that matter to Ethiopians living in the country so much so that its relevance has been questioned now and then.

Nebiyu Sirak, an Ethiopian journalist who lives in Saudi Arabia who has been reported about it for a long time, took up the matter and is leading a social media campaign seeking justice for Mohammed. He has already mobilized thousands behind the cause.

The two days long campaign is started today using the hashtag #JusticeForMohammed

The issue is now in the limelight among Ethiopians in social media due to Nebiyu Sirak’s initiative. The hope is that human rights organizations will step in to advocate for the cause and the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia will break its silence and help the mother get the compensation so she does not have to live financial woe as she is caring for her son who is in a comma.

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