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U.S. Embassy Statement on the Ethiopian Government’s Declared State of Emergency

US embassy in Addis Ababa
February 17, 2018

We strongly disagree with the Ethiopian government’s decision to impose a state of emergency that includes restrictions on fundamental rights such as assembly and expression.

We recognize and share concerns expressed by the government about incidents of violence and loss of life, but firmly believe that the answer is greater freedom, not less.

The challenges facing Ethiopia, whether to democratic reform, economic growth, or lasting stability, are best addressed through inclusive discourse and political processes, rather than through the imposition of restrictions.

The declaration of a state of emergency undermines recent positive steps toward creating a more inclusive political space, including the release of thousands of prisoners. Restrictions on the ability of the Ethiopian people to express themselves peacefully sends a message that they are not being heard.

We strongly urge the government to rethink this approach and identify other means to protect lives and property while preserving, and indeed expanding, the space for meaningful dialogue and political participation that can pave the way to a lasting democracy.

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  1. We too know too early that the US as conflictual supporter of the world peace and stability with the watchdog and strife seeker of Egypt. Thank u Americans , actors of survival as a maker of conflict and even if u want you can interfere in our decision to fulfill ur own destiny!
    Beware of the gait ur acting in the fate of Ethiopians! moreover I won’t be felt glad, if Elliminanti and capitalism could have been undermined and smashed through history of our near interim period!


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