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Security forces reportedly killed at least 10 in Hamaressa,Harar

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Hamaressa as seen on Google Map

February 11,2018

At least ten civilians are reportedly killed today in Hameressa,Harar,South Eastern Ethiopia, when member of defense forces opened fire on protesters. Some have sustained life threatening injury.

However, state media,Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporations, puts the number of deaths to four after confirming that there has been clash between security forces and protesters.

Social media reports indicates that protesters were Ethiopians who were displaced from Somali region due to the violence in recent months.

The region is already militarized,according to social media reports published by activists who claim to have information from the region.

Protesters were reportedly opposing conditions of living in a make shift camp where they were settled temporarily after they were displaced from the Somali region. Children and women are believed to be among the victims from today’s attack.

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), which is based in the United States, reported about it as well.

Similar massacre happened exactly a month ago in Woldia,northern Ethiopia, when Agazi forces opened fire on residents of the city who were celebrating religious holiday.

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