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120 years old Ethio-Russian diplomatic relation to be celebrated

Ethiopia Russia diplomatic relation
Graphics : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

February 8,2018

Ethiopia and Russia to mark 120 years of diplomatic relations, according to a statement by spokes person of Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Meles Alem.

The two countries are to celebrate the anniversary in Addis Ababa and Moscow, according to the spokesperson. The diplomatic relation was established during the reign of Emperor Menelik II. Apparently,it happened following the battle of Adwa. During the time, Nikolas II was the Tsar of Russia; he was later forced to abdicate his power in the course of the Great October Socialist Revolution of Russia in 1917.

The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Addis Ababa which is named after Russia’s greatest literary figure, Alexander Pushkin, was established in 1945. Emperor Haileselassie inaugurated it.

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