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Saudi Arabia completed reviewing corruption cases, Al Amoudi reportedly released

Saudi - Ethiopian born billionaire Al Amoudi
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January 30,2018

The Saudi Arabian government has completed reviewing the businessmen, royal families, and politicians who were arrested in connection with alleged charges of corruption, including Ethiopian born businessman Mohammed Al-amoudi.

Of all the 381 people initially arrested, less than 15 % are still in custody, according to the latest report by Saudi News sources. Among the released are those against whom the government of Saudi Arabia could not bring credible evidence to support claims of corruption.

Saudi Gazette cited Saudi Arabia’s attorney general, Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb who is also a member of as a member of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee, to report that government has made a settlement with the rest of the detainees.

So far the government has made a settlement of well over SR400 (which is nearly $US 107 billion). However, all the settlements are not in the form of cash. Some are in assets in a range of areas.

The attorney general has not made a settlement with 56 detainees and the reason is, according to Saudi Gazette report, that completion of investigation process will have to wait due to pending criminal cases.

The next step after completion of reviewing cases of corruption, by Supreme Anti-Corruption Committee, is to refer to public prosecution.

The case of Al Amoudi

Local Ethiopian FM radio station, Tadias Addis, reported several weeks ago that the Ethiopian born Saudi Billionaire, Mohammed Al Amoudi is released from detention and as it turned out that was not the case.

Once again the radio station reported yesterday, claiming credible information for insiders, that Al Amoudi is released from prison.

Al Amoudi was transferred to Saudi Arabia’s maximum security prison from Riz Carlton Hotel where he was detained for nearly two months.

The report did not mention as to when Al Amoudi will be returning to Ethiopia and no other media outlet in Ethiopia reported about it either.

On Saturday, Alwaleed, Saudi Arabia’s richest man, owns the hotel where he was detained for nearly two months, was released.

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