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At least three people killed in Alem Tena, Oromo region of Ethiopia

Alem Gena - Oromo region of Ethiopia
Google Map of Alem Gena

January 23,2018

News of killings of civilians is virtually becoming a daily experience in Ethiopia. Just days after deployed security forces killed dozens during a religious festival in Woldia city, northern Ethiopia, a report from Ethiopia indicates that at least three people were killed today in Alem Tena town, Oromo region of Ethiopia, South East of the capital Addis Ababa.

Several others are wounded according to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) report which cited sources from the town.

It happened when security forces opened fire on protesters who were on sit in protest in Alem Tena to oppose killings in Woldia and Moyale. The protesters were apparently attempting to lower flag to half-must to mourn the killings when security forces opened fire and killed them.

In general protesters in other towns as well oppose the Federal government, which is perceived, in fact rightly, as Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) government.

The protest does not seem to go away before a major political change is achieved. The United Nations issued a travel advisory for its staff to be vigilant and avoid certain areas in the southern parts of the country.

The Ethiopian government is aggressively propagating that it is working on projects that would make the youth beneficiary but it is apparent that the government is missing, perhaps deliberately, the point that the demands are fundamentally political; an end to the TPLF government.

The government admitted that it has made egregious mistakes during the course of its 27 years of rule and has lost public trust but it is determined that it is not giving up power which is at the core of the ongoing protest across Ethiopia.

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