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Fans thrilled with upcoming Teddy Afro Bahir Dar concert

Fans thrilled that Teddy Afro Bahir Dar concert is allowed but not to happy that it is on the day of St. Micheal day feast

Teddy Afro Bahir Dar concert
Teddy Afro Bahir Dar concert poster

January 11,2017

Ethiopia’s most celebrated star musician Teddy Afro announced today that he is staging a concert at the National Stadium in Bahir Dar, Capital of Amhara regional state. The concert is scheduled for a day after the Ethiopian Epiphany, Saturday January 20, 2017, which is a day of St. Michael celebration in Ethiopian Orthodox church tradition.

The Stadium has the capacity to hold eighty thousand people.

Teddy Afro Bahir Dar concert is entitled “Ethipia wode Fikir”, translates to “Ethiopia journey to love” , he announced the news this afternoon on his facebook page.

Regional government authorities in Bahir Dar gave Teddy Afro permission for the concert. Teddy noted in his social media update that there was no red tape – what so ever- from the authorities.

The regional government’s communication chief, Nigusu Tilahun, confirmed (in a facebook update as well) that Teddy permitted to have a concert at Bahir Dar Stadium on January 12. Nigussu seem to be unusually thrilled that the concert is happening in Bahir Dar and that it will be useful for what government officials call “people to people relation” – a jargon phrase that is often used after Ethiopia started to have deadly ethnic based violence.

Teddy has already started rehearsal with his Abugida Band. Ethiopians from different parts of the country are expected to show up at Bahir Dar for the concert on January 20. Some Ethiopians are a little disappointed that the concert is on the day of St. Michael – second day of Ethiopian Epiphany celebration, and some have already requested Teddy Afro to reschedule it.

So far he has released five popular albums the latest one, entitled “Ethiopia”, being the most popular one as it ranked well in billboard with a record number of copies sold in the history of the country.

Teddy recently made headlines in the international media when he had an interview, in his residence, with French Media AFP in which he expressed wish to have a concert in Asmara, Eritrea.
In his social media update today, he added that he intends to have similar concerts in other cities across Ethiopia.

The Bahir Dar concert is going to be Teddy’s first concert in Ethiopia in a long time as authorities have repeatedly cancelled his show.

The latest cancellation was launch party for his new album which was planned to take place at the Hilton hotel and the cancellation came in the last minute as the musical instruments for his band were being unloaded from the truck.

Teddy had to issue official statement to apologize guests for the cancellation of the event.

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