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Ethiopian security forces killed six civilians in Chelenko,Oromo region of Ethiopia

Ethiopian News
December 11,2017

Chalanqo - Chelenko - Oromo region of Ethiopia - Ethiopian News
Ethiopian forces in Chelenko on Monday Morning

Twenty are reportedly killed in Chelenko (Chalanqo), Oromo region of Ethiopia, in the south east of the country. The killing came after protest by Oromo speaking Ethiopians which was triggered when a man from Oromo region was shot-dead by Somali Ethiopia region special security forces. Why the somali police killed the person is not yet known.

Fourteen other people are wounded, according to social media sources. Ethiopian Satellite Television has reported about it as well.

The civilians were killed as protesters try to block road in Meta Serkema zone in protest of the killing. Agazi forces and military forces were deployed in the region and opened fire on protesters.

The relation between the two ethnic based regional states became bad after hundreds of people of Oromo heritage were displaced from Somali region of Ethiopia a few months ago.

On the other hand, the unrest in different parts of Ethiopia is showing no signs of ease and the government seem to be determined to intensify repression as a response to it although political observers tend to think that the regime can no longer survive the ongoing wide spread protest through intensifying military actions.

State broadcasters and affiliated media in the country reported today that the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), executives are having a meeting and are expected to pass “unprecedented and strong” decision.

The relentless protest across the country, ethnic violence and tense situation in university campuses, and unrest in the country are among the agenda items.

In a recent statement released after completing months long meeting, executives of TPLF ( which is believed to be master of the coalition) admitted that the relationship between members of the ruing coalition is not smooth.

Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), which is administering Oromo regions of Ethiopia, has turned out to be increasingly assertive and that seem to be complicating political and economic matters for TPLF which may mean that it could lose monopoly of power over the coalition.

Some political observers seem to think that TPLF is mobilizing within the coalition with the objective to arrest or purge some key members of OPDO members. Yet, others do not seem to buy the view as they think that the political cost of doing so would be not affordable for TPLF.

P.S : The report is updated on December 17 to update latest figure of casuality from the attack

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