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Emperor Haileselassie’s last appearance before he was taken by a group of military officers [Video]

Ethiopian News Video
December 7,2017

The video footage below is believed to be Emperor Haile Selassie’s last appearance before he was detained by a group of military officers – who later emerged as leaders of the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution. Those who were fighting against these same groups in the early course of the revolution contest that the military officers were not the leaders of the revolution but they hijacked the revolution.

In the ensuing years, Ethiopia witnessed one of its bloody history. First, Emperor Haile Selassie and sixty senior government officials, both military and civilians, (see the list below the video) were killed by the military junta that later called itself as “Derg.” Many of members of Derg,including former president Mengistu Hailemariam, produced an autobiography and now they say that they were wrong in carrying out death sentence. Before the execution, members of the Derg had a meeting and voted on as to what to do with the detained former politicians. And they voted to execute them. Akililu Habtewold, Ethiopia’s renowned diplomat who served as prime minister and foreign affairs minister, made a historical speech following Derg’s decision : “If you can bring better days for Ethiopia by killing us, we are happy to die.”

Emperor Haileselassie was killed separably and in a mysterious way.

The years following the death of members of Imperial government of Ethiopia was marked by power struggle between the military group that took over power and other group of revolutionaries. The result was a period of bloodshed known in Ethiopian history as “red Terror.”

In light of the political,social,cultural and economic situation of Ethiopia today, considerable number of Ethiopians glorify and lament the pre-Derg era.

1. Lij Tsehafi Ti-izaz Aklilou HabteWold
2. Leoul Ras Asrate Kassa
3. Lij Indlakatchew Mekonnen
4. Ras Mesfin Sileshi
5. Lieutenant Colonel Tamrat Yigezu
6. Kibur Ato Akalework Habtewold
7. Dr. Tesfaye Guebre Egzy
8. Ato Mulatu Debebe
9. Ato Abebe Reta
10. Dejazmach Solomon Abraham
11. Dejazmach Legesse Bezou
12. Dejazmach Sahlu Difaye
13. Dejazmach Workneh Wolde Amanuel
14. Dejazmach Kifle Ergetou
15. Dejazmach Worku InqoSelassie
16. Dejazmach Aemero Selassie Abebe
17. Dejazmach Kebede Ali Wele
18. Colonel Solomon Kedir
19. Afe Negus Abedge Debalk
20. Kibur Ato Nebiye Leul Kifle
21. Kegnazmach Yilma Aboye
22. Kibur Ato Tegene Yeytechawork
23. Kibur Ato Solomon GuebreMariam
24. Kibur Ato Hailu Teklu
25. Lij Hailu Desta
26. Blata Admassu Reta
27. Fitawrari Dems Alamirew
28. Fitawrari Amde Aberra
29. Fitawrari Tadesse InqoSelassie
30. Lieutenant General Abey Abebe
31. Lieutenant General Kebede Guebre
32. Lieutenant General Diresse Dubale
33. Lieutenant General Abebe Gemeda
34. Lieutenant General Yilma Shibeshi
35. Lieutenant General Haile Baykedagne
36. Lieutenant General Assefa Ayene
37. Lieutenant General Belete Abebe
38. Lieutenant General Issaya GuebreSelassie
39. Lieutenant General Assefa Demissie
40. Lieutenant General Debebe Haile Mariam
41. Major General Seyoum Gedle Ghiorgis
42. Major General Goshu Kebede
43. Major General Tafesse Lemma
44. Vice-Admiral Eskender Desta
45. Brigadier General Mulugeta WoldeYohannes
46. Brigadier General Wondimu Abebe
47. Brigadier General Girma Yohannes
48. Colonel Yalem Zewd Tessema
49. Colonel Tassew Modjo
50. Colonel Yigezu Yimene
51. Major Berhanu Metcha
52. Captain Mola Wakene
53. Captain Demesie Shiferraw
54. Captain Belay Tsegaye
55. Captain WoldeYohannes Zergaw
56. Corporal Tekle Haile
57. Private Bekele Wolde Ghiorghis
58. Lieutenant General Aman Mikael Andom
59. Lieutnant Tesfaye Tekle
60. Corporal Yohannes Fetoui

Video Source : Social Media
Cover photo : screenshot from Video
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