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Ethiopian immigration authorities expelled French journalist

Rene Lafort - French Journalist
René Lefort

Ethiopian News
November 18,2017

René Lefort, a French journalist and author is expelled from Ethiopia upon arrival at Bole International airport, reported Addis Standard.

He traveled from Paris to Addis Ababa with valid visa and arrived on Tuesday, on the 14th of November, at Bole International airport where his French passport was confiscated by immigration authorities.

And then he was made to return back to France with the next flight. Apparently, he had plans to spend weeks in Ethiopia.

From an e-mail Rene sent to Addis Standard, which confirmed that he was indeed expelled from Ethiopia, he said immigration authorities refused to tell him as to why he is sent back to France.

In an e-mail to Addis standard, he wrote :

    “I have been blocked at the airport, my passport has been confiscated, the immigration service obliged me to [fly] back to Paris the same night”

He tried to reach Ethiopian officials via e-mail and the answer from officials seem to suggest that it was “misunderstanding.”

Rene Lafort wrote numerous articles,critical ones, relating to Ethiopia on Open Democracy website. He is also the author of “Ethiopia. An heretical revolution” book. he also served as a reporter to French newspapers.
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