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Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegne in Qatar amid unrest in the country

Ethiopian News
November 13,2017

Ethiopian Prime minister Hailemariam - Qatar -Ethiopia
Hailemariam Desalegne in Qatar
Credit : EBC

Ethiopian prime minister, Hailemariam Desalgne, is in Qatar for an official visit. State broadcaster reported that his visit to Qatar is to follow up agreements signed between the two countries in the spring of this year when the emir of Qatar led a delegation to Ethiopia.

About eleven agreements and memorandum of understandings were signed at the time.

His regime is cash strapped and it is constantly looking for ways of financing his government with its colossal spending on the security apparatus. However, his visit to Qatar is believed to have,for pundits, also motive in relation to the way Egypt is behaving recently over the issue of the grand renaissance dam.

Still others speculate that Hailemariam might silently stop over in Saudi Arabia to negotiate the release of Ethiopian born Saudi billionaire, Mohammed Al Amoudi. His government announced over the weekend during a press conference with local journalists that it will pursue a diplomatic avenue to discuss the situation the billionaire. Al Amoudi is a strong patrol of the regime in power and it turn the regime has given a privileged investor status for Al Amoudi.

Hailemariam’s visit to Qatar came just days after his government made a decree banning peaceful demonstration across the country. There is still considerable unease in the country.
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