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Lemma Megersa says “Ethiopiawinet is addiction”

Ethiopian News Video
November 4,2017

Lemma Megersa is regularly in the news these days. And what is unusual about it is that Ethiopians who are in the opposition quarter are now lending an ear to him. Some even give him the benefit of the dout.

May be his choice of word in the video below is not right (because addiction represents a weakness and Ethiopiawinet is a spirit) but he seem to be, unlike many Oromo politicians, very comfortable to speak something positive about Ethiopia. What do you think of him? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I support Ato Limma to rise new PM that will lead Ethiopia since he has wisdom to call himself Ethiopian and still respect his oromo linguistic heritage. He may be the best leader for Post TPLF Ethiopia that will get rid of divide and rule system that late Meles Zenawi lef who left the tribal disease what risks civil war and state failure of Ethiopiat. He left terrible legacy and died. But, the disease can be cured with leader of wisdom, courage and ethics. I wish Ato Lemma good luck and clean up the local corrupt leaders both small ones and big ones in Addis Ababa.

  2. I like this guy .OPDO was born and grow in the hand of TPLF it does not need baby sitter right now, it is at maturity level .So, Limma is doing hard work to introduce this reality to the Ethiopian people
    let us pray for this hero and support his dream to rebuild TALAKUA ETHIOPIA

  3. How can Lemma preach Ethiopiawinet. He is taking day in day out about his Oromo ethnic. His recent comment about Dr. Abiyi nomination to primearship clearly demonstrated that he choses Oromo over other Ethiopians. He said it was the struggle of his people ( the Oromos) and his party ( OPDO ) to see their own person( Oromo) at the top. Where is the Ethiopiawinet!!! It was him and his team who have been struggling to change the name of Addis Ababa to finfine.He is going to vote for oromos regardless of the capacity and the capability of the candidate. What an Ethiopiawinet !!!!!!!!’

    He preached Ethiopiawinet to get the support of Amhara.

    The new definition of Ethiopiwinet at this moment is to hate the Tigreans. In this regard I can say definitely he is Ethiopian.


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