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The brutal reality of Ethiopia (Achamyeleh Tamiru)

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October 31,2017

AchamYeleh Tamiru - Ethiopia It’s true that it has been 43 years since we have been under the ruthless communists, immense suffering and innumerable human rights violations. Over the last 43 years, millions of lives have been lost to racism and millions of others have been displaced, from their place of birth, because they have been perceived as ‘other’ in relation to those chasing them.

Not only this, the ongoing genocide of Amharas in Benshangul Gumuz, South-western Ethiopia, and all other places is not a separate incident, but part of the genocidal politics of the ethno-nationalists that has been perpetuated over the last 43 years. All communist separatist groups of the 60’s and 70’s have been formed based on the notion that the Amharas should be decimated from the earth’s surface for the separatists to get their “freedom”.

The genocide and killing targeting certain ethnic groups in Ethiopia is going on because those conducting the genocide and the killing don’t believe that “the others” who don’t belong to their ethnic group are not human beings and don’t deserve a right they enjoy. THIS IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE HEINOUS CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST THOSE DEEMED TO BE OTHERS. Had the culprits believed that the “others” are human beings equal to them, they couldn’t have treated the way they do.

Decades of dehumanization of Amharas by the ethno-nationalists elements and communist groups has immensely contributed to the feeling that Amharas are not human. Today, there are very few ethno-nationalist elements who perceive Amharas as equal human beings as them. Very, very few! In fact, most of Ethiopia’s ethno-nationalists do not perceive Amharas as equal human beings. If one scratch under the skin of almost every ethno-centric nationalist, s/he will find there that almost no one will treat the Amharas as equal human beings like them.

It is this belief of the ethno-nationalists that the Amharas are not human beings just like them that has enabled them to live in so much peace with the heinous genocide they are committing against them over the last two decades. It is this set of belief that makes the question of human rights of the Amharas less relevant to Ethiopia’s ethno-nationalists because they are dealing with something that is not exactly as themselves. After all, if the Amharas are not human beings for them, there is no question about human rights. It is this sickening and saddening truth that makes the ethno-nationalists and communists to live with no moral doubts.

Among the “Ethiopian” ethno-nationalists, treating the Amharas, who endured genocide, as victims of genocide and the crimes perpetrated against them as crimes is considered treasonous because the depiction of Amharas as human beings is viewed as provocative (in our ethno-nationalists circle). If you are doubting this, ask the ethno-nationalists how they would feel if it were their families who lost their lives to genocide and have been forcefully displaced from their area of birth. They would point their guns at you and tell you to shut up. How dare you compare the ethno-nationalists’ families to the Amharas who lost their lives to genocide?!

The very deep rooted belief in the Ethiopian ethno-nationalists camp that the Amharas are not human beings just like them has created a moral blindness to live in peace, without any moral dilemmas. This is that is climaxed in the current round of genocidal war against the Amharas in Illubabor and Benishangum Gumuz.

Editor’s note : Achamyeleh Tamiru shared the update on his facebook page.

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