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Ethiopian Billionaire Mohammed Al-‘Amoudi pledges Water hyacinth removal machine for Tana

Billionaire Mohammed Al-‘Amoudi pledge to buy machines to remove water weed on lake Tana

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October 21,2017

Ethiopia - Billionaire Mohammed al Amoudi
Billionaire Mohammed al Amoudi

Saudi-Ethiopian Billionaire Mohammed Al-‘Amoudi is finally reacting to the fight against water hyacinth on Ethiopia’s precious lake, Tana, which is the source of the longest river in the world – Nile.

Labour intensive campaign to remove the weed from the lake, was going on for weeks, has not been productive enough to save the lake. In addition to relentless campaign by residents, volunteers from others regions of Ethiopia travelled to Bahir Dar to help remove the weed.

With the federal government ignoring the challenge, activists have been questioning as to why Mohammed Alamoudi, who is known to donate for individuals and causes including support for the regime in power, is not stepping in to buy much needed machine to remove the water weed.

Today, Tadias Addis – local radio station – reported that Alamoudi pledged total commitment to remove water hyacinth from Lake Tana. The source added that the billionaire is ready to import machines. But no timeline is reported for the pledge.

Water hyacinth removal machine manufactures are available in Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

In a related news, Momammed Alamoudi donated 40 million Ethiopian Birr (about US$ 1.7 million) for Ethiopians displaced from South Eastern parts of the country due to ethnic conflict along the somali-Oromo regions. He handed the Cheque to Lema Megeresa, president of Oromo region of Ethiopia.

The Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire created his own business empire in Ethiopia and is active in the construction, energy, agriculture, mining, hotels, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Despite he has his own fans in Ethiopia, too many people criticize him for working with the regime in power while others consider that as a necessity for his business.
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