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Teddy Afro new Album inauguration prohibited by government authorities

Teddy Afro released a statement to advise audience that his event at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa, is canceled.

borkena, Ethiopian News
September 3,2017

As news of the cancellation of Teddy Afro’s new album inauguration party, which was meant to take place this evening at Addis Ababa Hilton hotel, broke, Ethiopians are grabbling with the level of brutality that the regime in power is inflicting on Ethiopia’s most popular musician.

Teddy Afro’s new album “Ethiopia” was released last April and became a hit.

From the statement released by Teddy Afro in Amharic language, it is shared on social media, Hilton hotel administration in Addis Ababa does not seem to be the party that canceled the event. It is rather the government authorities who banned the event on grounds that the singer “is not authorized to have a party” at the Hilton Hotel in Addis.

Men in security uniform were sent to the hotel as the event organizers were planning to unload their staff at the Hilton Hotel and demanded them to present “government permit” for the party as if it is a political rally which is someone understandable under prevailing circumstances and from the behaviors of the ruling party officials.

As indicated in Teddy’s statement, there is no constitutional duty or legal requirement for citizens to get authorization from the government whenever they want to organize a celebration party in a hotel.
Teddy has been a victim of repeated government harassment. Sometime in the past, he was even sent to jail for trumped up charges of hit and run.

The inauguration party was apparently planned in a way to coincide with Ethiopian New Year festivities, Enkutatash. The holiday is on the 11t of septempber. Teddy Afro wished a year of peace and love for Ethiopians.

The following is image of Teddy Afro’s statement in Amharic.

Ethiopia - Teddy Afro New Album Letter
Statement released by Teddy Afro

Translation of the above statement is also released on social media and reads as follows:-

“Dearly beloved:-

We are deeply saddened to bring to your attention that the album launch party that was due to be held at the Hilton Addis on September 3, 2017 has unlawfully been prohibited from taking place as the government body claiming to have the mandate to ‘authorize’ public events demanded that a permit be presented to hold the event, contrary to a standing law.

Musical instruments and essential materials for the event have been banned from entering the hotel.

To our esteemed guests and to all our fans, we deeply regret the inconvenience created.

May the new year be that of peace, love and above all a year where equality prevails to all Ethiopians!

Long live Ethiopia.
Love Triumphs! ”
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