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Top ten Reasons Why Tedros Adhanom is TOTALLY unfit to Head the WHO? (Achamyeleh Tamiru)

Editor’s note : World Health Organization Directorate General position requires, so to speak, competency and ethical values enshrined in the United Nations conventions. Activist Achamyeleh Tamiru pointed out ten evidence based reasons why Tedros Adhanom should not lead WHO

May 20,2017
by Achamyeleh Tamiru

1. Tedros Adhanom’s Masters and PhD credentials are highly questionable. Except his first degree (the laboratory technician credential), his second and third degrees are not reflections of a competence that a Master and PhD holder in the field should command. Tedros Adhanom has obtained his second and third degrees by submitting government researches that were conducted by other expert Ethiopians who were employed by the Ethiopia Ministry of Health. In other words, Tedros’s Masters and PhD dissertations are nothing but government researches that were conducted by other researchers who were working for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health as an expert. That means, Tedros Adhanom has never written his own thesis or dissertation to obtain MSc and PhD but submitted government researchers as his to obtain the two degrees.

So, since the government researches that Tedros Adhanom has submitted to obtain his second and third degree are not the ones that were conducted by Tedros Adhanom himself (but by expert Ethiopians who were employed by the Ministry of Health as career researchers), Tedros Adhanom lacks the minimum competence, educational preparedness and the right credential to lead WHO.

2. Tedros Adhanom’s incompetency has also been reflected in a number of other ways. During the Q&A session with the WHO panel of experts, the world has seen Tedros Adhanm failing to understand the world’s North-South dichotomy. Not only this, he could not also able to comprehend the questions being asked. (Here is the link to the Q&A session : )

One may say that as a Minster of Health he might not be obliged to know the world’s North-South dichotomy. But for someone who has been the Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs for years failing to understand the world’s North-South dichotomy can’t be taken as his sheer weakness but as a yardstick that shows the level of irreversible process of implosion Ethiopian has been through under Tedro’s regime where the values of knowledge has been irreparably damaged. WHO deserves someone who understands the world order than an oblivion and incompetent Tedros Adhanom.
3. Another proof that shows Tedros’s incompetency and poor judgment is his March 2015 televised press release, as a Foreign Minister, to the people of Ethiopia in which he said that a 14 year-old Australian girl of Ethiopian heritage come to Ethiopia offer AUD$20 million prize she had won in Australia to build schools in Ethiopia. (See the following video Tedros has also shared this mendacious story on his official facebook page by demonstrating the incident as an accomplishment of his Ministry of Foreign Affairs he leads.

Thanks to the investigative journalist Abebe Gellaw, Tedros’s naked lies has been publicly exposed a couple of days after he broke the news. According to Abebe Gellaw’s well researched finding, which Tedros himself has admitted later, the “AUD$20 million prize” has never existed. The teenager who enjoyed Tedros applauds for her generosity and love of Ethiopia has never received such a prize. When exposed by the findings of Abebe Gellaw ( can be accessed here:…/tedros-adhanom-caught-in-20-million…/) Tedros Adhanom has come out to admit the fact that the story of “AUD$20 million prize” is fake but put the blame on the child for his failed propaganda.

Nonetheless the eight grader’s story could have been verified by making a phone call. Neither Tedros nor his subordinates questioned the authenticity of their conversion with a 14 year-old who claims that she has won “AUD$20 million prize” and bothered to make a phone call and verify the story. WHO deserves a responsible leader than a reckless Tedros Adhanom.

4. It is also worth mentioning what Tedro’s ex-master Meles Zenawi has said about Mr. Adhanom when presenting him as a candidate to the post of the Ethiopian Minister of Health. The year of his appointment as minister of Health was October 2005. When Meles was presenting him to the rubber stump parliament for approval, among the credentials Meles Zenawi used to select Tedros as a minister of Health were Tedros’s unquestionable loyalty to the party and his Tigrian ethnic background. Meles further said, he is not presenting Tedros Adhanom for the post of the Minister of Health for approval because Tedros is a proficient vaccinator but because his loyalty to the party and Meles Zenawi was unquestionable. (One can check this story by watching at Meles Zenawi’s parliamentary speech in October 2005) This by itself tells the fact that Tedors has been highly posted, as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health, NOT because he was competent and educated to lead the Ethiopia Minister of Health but because his loyalty (ethnic Tigrian) to Meles Zenawi and the ruling party was unquestionable. That means Tedros never stood out because of his intellect.

So, since Tedros was highly posted to lead the Ethiopian Ministry of Health based of his loyalty and Ethnic affiliation, his appointment and leadership in the ministry has nothing to do with competence and excellence. WHO deserves someone who has been enjoying upward mobility based on competence and excellence NOT based on backward and primitive traits such as loyalty and ethnic affiliation.

5. It is a well established fact that the current Ethiopia’s health workforce is insufficient in quantity and substantially poor in quality. This so happened because Tedros Adhanom, by design, water down the curriculum for the medical students of the medical schools Ethiopia and reduced them to be the most political centers. Because of this, even though there is an increase in the number of “graduates” of medical schools, a figure that Tedros is claiming to be the fruit of his policy, the skills base of the graduates of the medical shcool cannot become an engine of quality and efficiency in reducing, among other things early Childhood Mortality and Child malnutrition.

So, let alone to provide solutions to the health problem of the world, Tedros Adhanom doesn’t have a policy plan to propose for Ethiopia, and he doesn’t know how to execute a policy. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t know the first thing about running an institution professionally. So, he doesn’t qualify to lead a single Health Center in Rural Ethiopia let alone the complex WHO.

6. In connection to point 5, I want to add the following irresponsible comment of Tedros Adhanom. In an interview he gave to PRI Public Radio International in December 2012, Tedros said his regime has opened 13 new medical schools and the goal of his regime’s health policy to alleviate the severe physician shortage in Ethiopia was “to deliberately overproduce doctors and flood the country with new physicians.” In a country that has “severe physician shortage” adopting a policy of opening dozens of medical schools with little or no preparation in terms of staffing, facilities, equipment and educational supplies is tantamount to awarding medical degrees to students who are not prepared adequately to carry out their responsibilities. The above statement is verified by the doctors themselves who are teaching at Tedro’s newly opened medical schools by following this link..…/ethiopia-moving-address-doctor-shorta…. This type of national program, damaging and dangerous by any standard, that produces substandard doctors can not be commented as an achievement when it comes to Ethiopia.

We have seen Kaiser Family Foundation giving extensive coverage of Tedros Adhanom and his alleged “achievements” in the health sector. Does Kaiser Family Foundation advise its partner hospitals in the US employ the substandard doctors of Tedros Adhanom’s, that were produced with his policy of ” deliberately overproducing doctors and flood the country with new physicians, to treat patients in the United States? Can the Kaiser Family Foundation people be admitted to the Ethiopian Hospitals that are staffed by Tedros Adhanom’s substandard doctors? Let alone Kaiser Family Foundation people, Tedros Adhanom and his families are not treated in the Ethiopian hospitals. Tedros and other high level regime officials of TPLF have a government budget of millions of dollars, collected from the poor tax payers, to cover their medical bills abroad. That means, Tedros and his callous regime operatives are staffing Ethiopian hospitals with substandard doctors because the regime operatives and their families are not treated in the poorly equipped and staffed hospitals and gleefully presenting these as an achievement to humbug the world helps them build their image.

In all, the production of an ill-prepared workforce and the loss of precious life due medical errors in hospitals and diseases that can be easily cured has there been a qualified medics.

According to a study conducted in 2015 by a group of Ethiopian professors teaching at Bahir Dar University [Department of Nursing] and Gondar University [Institute of Public Health] medication errors at a Referral that affect patients in terms of morbidity, mortality, adverse drug events, and increased length of hospital stay are highly prevalent. The study can be accessed here: .

The hospital, in the study, was established in 1953 to serve for 25,000 populations and currently is the only referral hospital in North West Ethiopia providing a service for more than five million populations, and once awarded Best Performing Hospital in the country has been now reduced to its today highly prevalence of medical and clinical errors l thanks to Tedro’s prescription for Ethiopia’s doctor’s shortage a policy of flooding the country with substandard doctors and nurses. Tedros Adhanon is primary responsible for all these gross crimes he committed on Ethiopians. So, a person, Tedros Adhanom, who prescribes a reform of ” flooding the country with substandard doctors and nurses” to solve the shortage of doctors can’t be trusted to lead WHO.

7. Ethiopia has won the less-than-enviable sobriquet of ‘the North Korea of Africa’. It was only in North Korea and a diverse Ethiopia that the ruling political party has declared itself a 100 percent winner. A year after the regime declared that it has won the election 100 percent, the country has been engulfed by a mass popular uprising that has never seen in Africa’s history in its scale. The popular uprising has now escalated into a resistance. Following this event, Tedro’s regime has declared a state of emergency and it by this state of emergency, NOT by the rule of law, that the regime his ganging in power. So far the regime has taken the lives of more than 2000 Ethiopians including children and seniors. For the past 26 years the death , torture, disappearance and exile of countless Ethiopian professionals, including health professionals, have been our fate. One of the masterminds behind all these atrocities was Tedros Adhanom. Tedros Adhanom was also the politburo member of TPLF, the highest ranking leaders of the ruling party and he is/was that is directly responsible for the death, torture, disappearance and exile of countless skilled Ethiopians, including health professionals. So, a man with these credentials doesn’t qualify to lead WHO.

8. The so-called strong points of Tedros Adhanom, the attainment of health related goals of MDG’s, CANNOT be independently verifiable. Accepting Tedros’s manipulated figures and cooked data is tantamount validating his party’s declaration of winning an election 100% where he is the politburo of the party behind all the manipulations, control tactics, rigging and maneuverings. WHO deserves someone who has real credentials not someone who cooked data to justify tyranny while he has not leverage on his ground.

9. Tedros Adhanom is the mastermind behind a well founded forced sterilization of young Amhara women and the ordering of longer contraceptives in the name of preventing pregnancy. This is in fact a genocidal warfare. This warfare has hugely impacted the population of Amhara. (The graphic testimony of young Amhara women forcefully sterilized by Tedros’s Ministry of Health and the TPLF regime can be seen here: ). By 2005, according to the regime’s owed Central Statistics Authority, the number of Amhara Ethiopians has been reduced by 2.4 millions. This reduction in the Amharas of Ethiopia is a well-designed and effectively implemented program of Tedros’s Adhanom and his regime. Ethiopians consider the endorsing of Tedros to lead WHO the same as the endorsing of his forced sterilization of young Amhara women and the ordering of longer contraceptives. So, Tedros Adhanom, who is responsible behind the depopulation of the Amharas of Ethiopia in a genocidal warfare can’t be a candidate to lead the humanitarian organization, WHO.

10. Tedros Adhanom is a pathetic lier and has a proven record of having no Integrity. In an answer he gave to today’s Health Check program of BBC World Service Radio ( Can be accessed here: Tedros said he doesn’t want people to die. This comment of Tedros is an insult to all people with conscious. Tedro’s TPLF regime has admitted to the rubber stamp parliament that this past year alone 700 civilians, most of them are children and seniors, have been killed by the regime. This killing has been conducted after an order has been issued by TPLF’s politburo to mercilessly crush any dissent. As indicated above, in the TPLF politburo Tedros is a member and one of the key decision makers. That means the killing of the 700 civilians that the regime has admitted has come after Tedros ( along with other politburo members) have signed a execution order of indiscriminate killing. It is the Tedros of the TPLF politburo who ordered a merciless execution of Ethiopians has had admitted killing 700 civilians who appear on BBC World Service to blatantly lie that he doesn’t want people to die shows.

With all these, as Reeyot Alemu, a journalist who have suffered enormously from severe reprisals at the hands of his Tedros’s regime, said WHO deserves a healer not a killer who jokes at our injury by saying that “doesn’t want people to die” after taking thousands of lives in one year alone.

Reeyot Alemu’s powerful case against Tedros Adhanom’s candidacy can be watched here: /.



  1. Achamyeleh Tamiru, what is the point of your article? At this time, it is a moot point for you to waste so much time trying to bring down the secretary. In the eyes of the interviewing panel he was a better fit than the other candidates, and was selected and handed the job. For you to go back and dig dirt on the man, it is of no use and somewhat jealousy (is it?). Stop looking back, unchain yourself from the bondage of the past. Forget about him, look to the future and do something for the country.

  2. I really surprise and ashamed with the scripts of Riyot Alemau and with the Achamyeleh Tamiru. Tedros was already appointed to lead world health organization in May 20, 2017. He was nominated based on educational background and proficiency. During his candidacy i am quite sure that there was no Tigrians appointed to vote him. Instead, each and every nation did have their own representatives to vote for some one who lead WHO for five years. Eventually Tedros has been found competent and finally nominated as a leader of WHO for the last five years.


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