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Ethiopia rated “not free” in freedom House 2017 report

January 31,2017

Ethiopia fared poorly in Freedom House 2017 country report on freedom. The report marked Ethiopia as “not Free” with aggregate score of 12 out of 100 percentage.

Freedom House rated countries in a scale of 0 to 100 in their performances of freedom. While 0 percent scoreline implies “least free” , 100 score implies “most free.”
Many Ethiopians might find it puzzling to understand even the 12 percent score given the recent widespread crackdown under the state of emergency which restricted even social media activity.

According to local human rights organizations and opposition party numbers, more than one thousand Ethiopians were killed in the last one year. Tens of thousands of civilians arrested in many detention centers across the country.

Ethiopia is still under state of emergency.

To read Freedom House report, click here



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